To provide the high security for houses and confidential places by capturing a photograph and sending this photograph to the android app (which is made by us). As no one in the house,

The autonomous drone is equipped with a GPS or a similar navigation system. The drone follows people for security protection. For example, children playing outside the house out of view of an adult or guardian, and the drone will be able to alert them if a dangerous situation occurs.

The inertial continuously variable transmission is a mechanical transmission which is based on the principle of inertia. This transmission has a lot of advantages, namely: compactness, minimum friction losses and high efficiency as a result of the relatively small number of rotating components,

Extreme weather forecast is used in our country for advanced notification of the population in affected areas, but it is only partially effective with province wide forecast from weather services. 2-3 times a year large coastal areas of Netherlands, where we live, are hit hard with strong storms,

Taper type internal combustion engine piston design:

Aim of this project is to increase the force applied to conrod as keeping the geometry limited.

The rise of human activity since the beginning of the 20th century, due to rapid rise in industrialization, made it necessary to create marketing and transport facilities. Further, heavy laden vehicles on roads have put pressure on it.

Aim- To prevent cases of accidents at night (mostly in hilly areas).

Intoduction - Change and reduce the intensity of vehicle headlights with the help of a photo electric sensor.

Brief- In which we will connected a additional circuit between battery and headlight.

Advantages of the proposed design:
⦁ The start of working of cutter is done by handle connecting with cutter mechanism by Bowden Cable.

It is proposed a method of Modeling of Computational Perception of reality, Situational Awareness, Cognition and Machine Learning in the system of Computational Systemic Mind, functioning as a main component in Complex Adaptive Computational Self-Thinking Autonomous Systems such as Robotics, Spacecraft, unmanned production and other.

PATENT No. US 9,353,736, B1
A MODULAR RADIAL COMPRESSOR for compressing fluids includes a compression vessel having a collapsible vessel internal space having expanded and a compressed sizes,

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