The aim of the project is to create a flexible engine that can run on gasoline as well as steam, just by the change of the camshaft and cam-drive gear modification.

Fast build of relatively simple three dimensional “green” parts is achieved by stacking and laminating two dimensional cutouts made from sheets of metal powder bound together by a thermoplastic polymer such that the stack forms the desired three dimensional shape. The “green”

Considered the field power system stabilizer (F-PSS), which reacts to change components of vector induction the resulting magnetic field in a gap and change rotor speed of the synchronous generator.

The Journey of finalization of object should undergo many mechanical operations such as milling, drilling, Turning, welding, Tapping. So in all these operations different types of fixtures are used for holding work pieces, my designed fixture helped in innovating in a Fabrication of structural members of an ATV.

When making a panel of carbon fiber, as a general rule to finish the process, these panels have excess measures or need special operations of numerical control. These operations are performed with a numerical control (NC) machine.

Many villages of India are flooded at rainy season. Water pollution from sinking of toilet occurs. Many diseases are create and it creates plague. The Ganges and others rivers are polluted for it. Except it, place of leaving excreta is another problem.

To save Ganges &

Gear and Teeth for On-site Repair (GATOR)

Plastic Gears and Additive Manufacturing Background
Gears are among the most important and commonly used elements across a range of mechanical applications. Recently, composite plastic gearing has seen an increase in usage for a variety of applications because of its low cost,

It consist of 6 parts:
2.Tool guider
3.Cutting tool
4.Feed controller

First, we place a blank under the base which coincides with the base and move the cutting tool near to the edge of the blank.


The high amount of labor necessary for weeding, harvesting, drying, threshing and shelling makes the crop economically unattractive to the younger generation of farmers. The very laborious tasks of threshing and shelling are made easier with our groundnut separator and decorticator machine.

Two-stroke engines have two important advantages over four-stroke engines: They are simpler and lighter, and they produce about twice as much power. So why do cars and trucks use four-stroke engines? There are four main reasons:

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