Sustainable Technologies

Finally, here is the solution to the world's requirement for power, with no carbon footprint, and no more need of fossil fuels! This new-technology electricity generator functions uniquely according to known principles of electromagnetic induction, and requires no external power or fuel, and is patented (US 8,847,720).

Gridlock in and around megacities is already at crisis levels and will escalate exponentially into the future unless viable solutions are found to solve the problems. Pollution from idling motor vehicles aggravates global warming problems.

Aero Vitae is a system to solve the interconnected issues of air quality and water purification. We propose using a cascade system of organic digesters and aeroponics to directly dispose of city waste water and airborne particulate. Indirect benefits will be a local cooling effect and oxygen enrichment.

Need of energy is constantly increasing because of increase in population and industrialization globally. Depletion of fossil fuel, increase in pollution level and imbalance in the ecological level of the earth, etc. cause researchers to think of alternative solutions to fossil fuel.

In the history of transportation, electricity has always replaced fossil fuels when a commercially viable technology was available. Historically, major manufacturers have invested in electric trains and cars and it’s clear that electric aircraft are next. However,

Large wind blade surfaces embedded with flexible Solar Panel can generate more energy out of the same system. For example, Shrouded design type with flexible solar panel has been shown in the diagram. Depending up on the area of wind turbine blade either horizontal or vertical or shrouded,

In most of the under developed nations, access to basic health care is scarce. A heater is an indispensable device for many applications, especially for medical purposes. As such,

At present there are large number of high rise buildings in modern cities. The glass windows in these modern architectures require constant cleaning which is presently carried out using a gondola system, hanging from the building wall.

Pollution is the major problem in the universe, air pollution being one of the predominant among them. Air pollution is mainly caused due to the exhaust gases coming out of the vehicles and industries. This is caused mainly due to burning of fuel and gases emanating from chimneys.

Battery Maximizer is an intelligent, non-intrusive device that clips on the terminals of a rechargeable battery and tells the user its Remaining Battery Life (RBL) by an inbuilt impedance analyzer that continually evaluates the battery’s internal chemistry. It provides consumers with accurate information regarding expected battery lifetime.

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