Sustainable Technologies


Ecosense is a “first of its kind” technology, which encourages to drive the vehicle in an eco-friendly way. Ecosense evaluates the driving style by monitoring key parameters like speed, gear selection, acceleration, idling,

ecoSPEARS is a technology conceptualized by NASA to bring a sustainable, long-term solution to PCB remediation in worldwide water supplies. Polychlorinated Biphenyls are the number one microscopic pollutants in the world’

90% of the total energy in the vapour compression cycle is used by the compressor. In order to save electricity in this project a modified form of vapour compression cycle is used. In this cycle the compressor is eliminated completely, &

It is based on the principle of working of perendev motor, which was deemed impossible because it was a perpetual motion machine and no further development of that motor was continued. Here I am reusing that principle but with certain major changes to it.

The exhaust of condenser machine in air conditioning machine delivers air current with considerable velocity. It is used to drive the wind turbine coupled to a generator to produce electrical energy.

We have tried this in bike exhaust and the results are positive.

To meet the challenges of crisis the project “ENERGY GENERATION FROM HOUSEHOLD WASTE WATER AND EXCRETA (EHWE)” may be a successful way in multi storied building complexes. The ‘EHWE’ uses the household waste water and excreta to generate hydroelectric power and electric from bio-gas respectively.

My project, known as the multipurpose juvin brazier, is able to perform seven functions: cooking, baking, frying, roasting, warming, brie and drying. That makes it different than other inventions because it's able to use less charcoal and prevent sickness such as tuberculosis and on top of that reducing 

The increased demand of energy in domestic applications necessitates the development of innovative engineering solutions in building Heating Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC). As the biggest energy consuming sector in domestic buildings, more focus is currently directed to decrease air conditioning energy consumption.

Need for Clean Water
Pollution by heavy metals (HMs) is a crucial environmental issue. With the modern growth of chemical, mining, energy, tanning and dye industries plenty of residual HMs - Hg, Pb, Cd, Cr and others - are discharged into the ambience.

Energy transmission without any cord in between to the appliances.

Electricity is transmitted via electromagnetic methods in certain limits. For equipments used in a room, for example in a kitchen or a barber shop etc. which people are living in it's better to use a softer means.

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