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I will initiate a project that involves building a replica of a V2 rocket. Well actually it will be the Bioremediating Missile. The project is being developed under the fictitious company Ecological Space Engineering and is engaged in speculative design to improve the quality of life on Earth. The Bioremediating Missile will be built from biodegradable materials like wood, hemp textile, and clay. Inside there will be seeds, spores, minerals, water and biological rest materials. It will be a symbol for the state of the world, reflecting on the ecological crisis, technology, war and the role of human beings.

This missile is part of the Atmosphere Remediation Center project.

Atmosphere Remediation Centers are launch plateaus located in the outer ...

The water flowing down the shower drain contains a lot of heat that is wasted. Using average flow rates and temperatures from the EPA, the wasted power is 18 kilowatts. The average flow rate is 2.5 gallons / minute and the drain water is 50°F hotter than the water entering your house. My new funnel shaped heat exchanger replaces the traditional shower drain and recovers half of that heat. The heat is transferred to the incoming cold water as it travels to the shower’s mixing valve.

Many inventors have attacked this problem. The cold water, as it flows inside the supply tubing, has good heat transfer because its flow is turbulent. Earlier attempts tried to increase the surface area ...

This submittal addresses further development of Carbon Blocks per provisional patent BJR 17-001 Prov, Carbon Blocks Made from Photosynthetic Plant Biomass for Long Term Sequestration of the Carbon from Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, and Process for Manufacture (4/5/17). These blocks provide an extremely simple, but effective, measurable, and immediate method of direct removal of the green house gas (GHG) carbon dioxide (CO2) from earth’s atmosphere via conversion to plant based carbon (C) biomass by photosynthesis (specifically, in the form of fast growing, minimal maintenance weeds) and long term storage (sequestration) of the dried and ground plant matter and associated carbon inside the blocks to completely prevent carbon return to the atmosphere through the normal decomposition process.

NOTE - The blocks ...

The Catch all Harvest concept

Goals-Increase agricultural production and profitability. Low cost, low technology and easy installation.

The concept is designed to reduce wasted produce that falls to the ground.

A net beneath the tree or bush (the illustrations are for apple orchards). A collecting path to a storage bin below each tree.

The net is attached to each tree by clips. Similar to a mountain climbers carabiner.

In orchards, the net would be unrolled under either side of the row of trees, raised up, attached then bins put in place below.

Estimated yield increase 40-60% per year.

Thank you.
Dow ...

The purpose of this invention is the separation of liquid and solid phases of different densities by rotation of a cylinder in order to subject them to centrifugal forces. Centrifugal pumps suffer from and are limited by problems with cavitation, corrosion, impeller wear, lack of prime, leakage, overheating, and surge. These problems are reduced or eliminated in this invention.

Pumps normally require a power source. In this Centrifugal Phase Separator, the only purpose of the power source (motor) is rotation of the cylindrical component. The motor can be placed either above or below the rotating cylinder, depending on the specific application.

This Centrifugal Phase Separator consists of two main components: a self-priming rotating cylinder and an air, electric, hydraulic, ...

The Closed Marine Energy Battery Technology or CMEBT is a technology which can provide the energy for humans for a period of more than a century from now. This technology produces no harmful end products. The main parameters which are to be followed are:
1. Selection of a coastal line or area
2. The area is to be far from human settlements
3. Biodiversity needs to be at a minimum preferably contaminated sites

The excavation of sand is to be done using good machinery. Before that, a guard wall needs to be constructed at least a hundred meter away from the coastal line. The digs should be made to a depth of 300 to 500 meters. There is ...

Impulse type turbine applicable with extended tubular passageway is depicted in Figures shown at left. This turbine is made to extract energy from jets of water. It departs from the existing impulse type turbines by having the nozzles inject water radially outwards to impel buckets arranged along the outskirt circumferentially.

The water carried through extended pipe line integral with penstock is brought to hydraulic accumulator composed of nozzles directed radially outwards. The turbine runner is made integral with arculate buckets concentrically carrying on a wheel around the periphery of a bracket secured to the hub of the runner by flanges. The water jets escaping from nozzles impinge on buckets carrying around the periphery of circular bracket and ...

In many areas of the world, the lack of readily available electrical energy, clean water, and employment opportunities are an interlocking problem that causes social strife, political conflicts, and limits the potential of millions of people. In a vicious circle, the lack of basic infrastructure limits the ability of an area to improve their economic condition, which impairs their ability to improve those supporting infrastructure systems.

This concept is an attempt to address all three of these issues with not just a product, but with an entire integrated production, fabrication, and deployment system that is highly scalable. Physically, this is a design for a commercial off the shelf (COTS) wind turbine of effective size and power, mounted upon a tapered ...

By my model we can control the air pollution which is a burning problem in society. And secondarily we can generate electricity with the same model.

In most of the industries the chimney is the component that is useful to send flue gases or harmful gases into the atmosphere. Now if the chimney is inclined and to the chimney H cap is provided through which all the flue gases that can be taken in the container. In the container carbon traps are placed so that all carbon can be trapped within the container. For the container two openings should be present one serves as outlet and another as opening for replacing carbon traps. The carbon that is trapped ...

In recent days increasing demand and cost of electrical energy acts as driver for growth
in global market for solar energy. Being a source for generation of electricity
photovoltaic technology finds its application in many fields. This works by the generation
of power using photovoltaic cells. But still ways to obtain maximum efficiency from these
cells are one the research line. These low efficient of never ending energy source has a
huge scope for the renewable energy picture of the future.

The main disadvantage is the solar cells are highly sensitive to increase in temperature.
As they are constantly exposed to sunlight for the generation of power heating is
inevitable. But cooling systems can be designed to maintain the temperature of the cell.
This may result in a ...

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