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United Aircraft Technologies (UAT) is developing a smart aircraft Inter-Connecting Clamp (ICC) solution with an Augmented Reality Monitoring System (ARMS) for aircraft wiring that improves fuel economy (overall weight reduction of the aircraft), decreases the occurrence of Repetitive Strain Injuries among the workforce,

A heavy duty rechargeable/solar autonomous crawler with 4x4 capabilities (UGV). UGV acts as a communication hub and or command center. The 4x4 crawler UGV has a built in concealed communication housing box consisting of all the electical components/hardware for transmission operations.

Many fisherman and other people die from sinking of boat in river or sea due to storms and waves, but it may be prevented if this innovation system is used to make a boat or trawler.

For this system,

Unfortunately, there are many airplane crashes in the world every year.

From its inception, the main goal of aviation is flight safety and preservation of passenger life. I decided to connect my life with aviation, that’s why I became a cadet of Belarusian State Academy of Aviation,

Centrifuge Interface Transfer and Utilities
Spacecraft Tunnel
Leonard J. Holmin
United States of America

Allows shirtsleeves crew transfer and uninterrupted utility lines between a despun base block module and the center of a revolving human spaceflight habitat. Applications could include an improved swivel conduit,

The Tumble Thruster Module (TTM) concept utilizes the high energy reaction of igniting a solid cartridge of Magnesium (Mg) together with injected Xenon(II) Floride (XeF2).

Automated/controlled deployment stretcher barrier wall or DSBW for short. Designed as a remote operated/Autonomous mobile deployment stretcher barrier wall the operator/user has full control capabilities allowing user to minipulate the defensive barriers movement via control center and or a wireless military touch control wrist monitoring device.

This magnetic lifter drone robotic aircraft.

This Small drone aircraft is based on WW2 designs used by the German Military that were recovered during The 1947 project Operation High Jump .

This drone has 4 new parts that can increase the load capacity and maneuverability many times:
• Turbopropellers are propellers with turbo expander in the center.
• Lifting body, which increases the load capacity by about 30%

An autonomous and or manually controlled mortar which is wirelessly synced/paired to a drone. The drones GPS positioning and 360 camera displays and mapping functions are used to manually and or Autonomously target/fire mortar rounds.

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