Aerospace & Defense

It is anticipated that the future shall need consideration of more frequent space travel and search for a possible more promissing environment for humans.

This futuristic architectural proposal of a special stealth type space vehicle bears geometry of a recently discovered invention of a Non-regular Icosahedron,

The redirecting missle guidance defense system deploys multiple autonomous fluidic thrust vectoring jet enginge mounts that autonomously attach onto incoming warheads and missles creating different thrust patterns rendering side spin and a asymmetric net force on the incoming missile altering/controlling the missles course of direction.

The SCOUT Tactile kevlar drone and drone docking vest is uniquely designed to accommodate/be formfitting to a specific personnel's back/body structure. A charging station that holsters/docks the drone "SCOUT" to the back/rear facing portion of the vest.

Shortest routes in space:

It must be noted that in study of the properties of “space,” we also are including all possible locations that objects can occupy in the universe (ref.1).

I mean that, we are a part of the system that we want to study,

SHUTTLE 2-The multibody spaceplane aircraft technology possibilities

Following recent advances in aircraft design, a possible optimal solution for a spaceplan, to carry a payload in orbit could be a multibody vehicle, having the advantages of both the SSTO and the TSTO.

The current approach to space avionics development is to design each electronic drive or sensor signal conditioning circuit for a specific purpose. This approach slows the development cycle, produces large avionics systems and increases overall cost for flight systems.

Smart reattachable control trigger turret tripod or the SRCTTT for short has a bidirectional form fitting receiving dock that can be minipulated to accept/port various reattachable weapons of selected choice.

1-What is the unmet need we are trying to address?

-Kessler syndrome causes the exponential growth in numbers of formation of space debris. The Kessler syndrome causes trouble because of (1)domino effect,(2)feedback runaway exploration that occurs in higher orbits.

Just like the earth, space has garbage too. The junk or garbage are called Space debris. Right now some tens of millions of pieces of space junk are circling our planet—broken satellites, rocket parts, and other human-made materials trapped in orbit.

Quantum Locking/Flux Pinning

Presented is a Hybrid SpacePlane design using quantum-locking/flux-pinning for long-term space-flight. Interstellar climate suggests type-2 superconductivity is supported for long-term travel. No launch pad or runway needed; vertical take-off/landing capability cut 40% cost.

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