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EMP suction rounds are designed as cylindrically shaped pods that utilize suction adhesion and electromagnetic energy pulse/wavelengths range "short." EMP suction rounds are primarily designed to suction lock to law-breaking criminalized vehicles rendering the vehicle unresponsive, halting further violations if pursuit by law enforcement is required.

We present in this opportunity a 6 passenger full eVTOL aircraft concept for Urban transportation, with vertical propulsion electrical engines and propellers in under the fuselage arranged configuration with air intake. Also will have engines on the sides of the fuselage for horizontal propulsión.

My company: GRUG GROUP LLC,

The Exponential Engine is a modification to current piston and valve engine designs which will generate 4x the power for the same displacement current as Otto cycle engine design.

Many future space mining applications involve capturing a small asteroid and putting it in orbit around earth and mining the asteroid for the various compounds it contains. One of the main compounds that will be mined is water.

Design Statement:
Design of this transport system consists of the following main parts.
1. Main vehicle/ engine with electric or fuel powered thrust engines, fold-able wings. To move or run the vehicle on road surface or track surface four powered wheels are there in the vehicle.

The Sea Tiger flying hydrofoil combines the best of hydrofoil, WISE; Wing In Ground Effect, and composite construction to provide a low cost solution for the needs of the US Navy to increase the size of the fleet, reduce costs,

Military organizations and industries use generators and electrical motors in day to day operations. To get the upper hand over adversaries and/or the competition it is best to have the best new tool around, "Forever Fuel.

The Exodus Space Corporation, a minority owned company with SBA 8(a) certification in process, is developing an innovative Horizontal Takeoff/Horizontal Landing (HTHL) Two-Stage-To-Orbit (TSTO) spaceplane design with the potential to finally provide the launch service capabilities for commercial space and eventually NASA.

Gun violence is a tremendous problem around the weapons. Guns are stolen from police, military, and civilians then used to commit crimes.

By tying the firing mechanisms and safeties to a position sensing system, weapons would only be discharged in approved areas such as hunting grounds or shooting ranges.

The GFWIIITECH.TJID platform can be easily packaged, assembled, disassembled, unpacked and navigated in gravity, low gravity, or zero gravity by autonomous systems, remote systems, and human technicians. This platform is sturdy and functional while still being effective, efficient, lightweight, and simple.

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