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Reduction of drag and boosting of lift to drag ratio is of paramount importance to maximize flight efficiency. Body shape has a major role in producing drag.

The availability of high-performance Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) electronics that can withstand Low Earth Orbit conditions has opened an avenue for wide deployment of CubeSats and small-satellites. Swarms of these small satellites offer whole new capabilities in Earth observation,

For 30 years lean combustion has been known to lower NOx emissions and many programs outline its benefit and in its Tapps II Combusor final report submitted by GE for its GEnx Engine in 2013 it shows zero fractal components. If things are the same,

This project is about doing an experiment on circulation of light. It is known that mirrors can reflect light and there is a device called the periscope used for this purpose. The mirrors of a periscope are fixed 45 degrees to reflect light.

Innovation is a thin, flexible “Matrix Hinge." This hinge is novel in many ways; it is durable, lightweight, and continuous and is not like any other hinge. The hinge is excellent in tiny applications to large building construction base on the material used to make the unique configuration.

Typical AR style rifles have a round or hexagon shaped tube that wraps around the barrel to protect the operator from the heat of the barrel during firing while simultaneously providing a location to mount additional accessories which facilitate the operation of the rifle such as lighting, aiming, etc.

The Navy and Military Sealift Command use reciprocating analysis (RA) as a part of a wide portfolio of technologies to monitor the condition (CM) of the fleet’s large Propulsion and Ship’s Service Diesel Generator engines.

Oasis on Mars
Natural disasters, wars-atom bombs, threaten human existence on earth. The only other planet in our solar system that offers suitable conditions for existence is Mars. The arms war is at it's peak. NASA,

Ultra-lightweight vehicles are being developed to provide a number of high tech, long duration functions during flight. Applications including: military, weather, shipping, safety, commercial, border control, etc. applications. These vehicles typically are large, fragile,

This is a design for a single person flying vehicle. This is an electric flying vehicle that uses two high speed counter rotating ducted fans to create lift. The fans are 36 inches in diameter. The estimated flight time is about 20 minutes with the current battery technology.

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