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Earth exerts a gravitational force and pulls down every object that attempts to leave or escape it. Therefore, in order to break free from Earth’s gravitational pull, it is essential for a rocket to attain an enormously high speed. This velocity is known as the ‘escape velocity’. For Earth,

Many moon missions are being carried out by various countries but the end result is not yet known. Temperature on moon surface varies approx. from +130 to -150 degree c. So growing plants is difficult. But plants have an ability to adapt and adjust with extreme environmental changes.

The haptic puppet is a human participant linked to a hydraulic humanoid (avatar) with full proportional feedback. This is accomplished by a wireless synchronized system of near real-time bi-directional proportional feedback. The technical name is an Electro-Hydraulic Interactive Double Feedback Loop.

Two devices,

Wings in Figure are in tandem configuration to have the capability of heavy payload applications due to efficient lift generation. Blended body fuselage and End plates are
configured with tandem wing,

Enriching work efficiency and rate of production, reducing production costs and workload, refining services and customer relations, maintaining security on a vast scale are a few of the top reasons why the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) industry is promising.

To gain an insight,

We as a team have designed a product named the Hovering Soldier to solve one of the important security challenges faced by the soldiers at the borders to protect one’s own territory and at the same time for the internal stability of the nation.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations have been performed over a blunt cone configuration with and without lateral sonic jet injected into hypersonic laminar flow at Mach 8.1. The comparison of pressure ratio indicates good match with the experimental results for no jet case.

A low cost IFR training aid that simulates IFR conditions during pilot training. Can be installed on any commercial IFR training aircraft. Can be easily removed from the aircraft. Does not require any modifications to the aircraft.

Carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites (CFRCs) possess properties that supersede their individual components and are being increasingly adopted in the aerospace industry. CFRCs have a complex structure that contributes to their unique properties but also makes them prone to an increased variety of damages such as fibre breakage,

Utilizing current LED monitor technology, incorporate it into both fabric and complex surfaces, combined with data processing of video imaging. The purpose of this is to project an image on both clothing and surfaces of objects replicating the background of an identified viewer.

For example,

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