Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy

Century Fathom presents a novel method using Natural Gas Clathrate Hydrates (NGH) for producing natural gas from sub-sea petroleum reserves. Our patented process enables production of reserves which are deemed stranded either because they contain a high content (percentage) of impurities, specifically carbon dioxide and/or sulfur,

Figure 1 illustrates a vapor deposition bonding of hydrophilic OPEN ended carbon nanotubes measured to be only 20 to 150-nm (nanometer = 1-billionth of a meter) grown onto the surface of carbon fibers in FIGURE 3 with a carbon-carbon bond at a space of 20 to

Buckyball sphere shape is directed to propulsion and power production. Triangle panels are provided with the shortest length panel edge forming the outer surface edges of the hexagons and pentagons buckyball sphere extruded from the spheres center point out into an array of hexagon and pentagon edges,

The ocean temperature reducer is a swarm of drones aimed to control (cool) the temperature In the path of hurricane forming storms before they gain the energy from the heat and transform into a dangerous category 3+ storm,

Development of this cold fusion power system focuses on a novel solution to the U.S. and world demand for new, lower cost, renewable, long-term, and economically practical sources of energy.

The world has a plastic problem. Humans are responsible for 32 million tons of plastic litter per year that is disposed of incorrectly and ends up directly on the ground and in waterways. That’s the weight of the entire population of Botswana, as plastic trash,

We wanted to rethink the way most people consume water to develop an honest, Eco-friendly product to help solve the global plastic waste crisis.

The World Economic Forum reports that the water crisis is the 4th greatest global risk in terms of impact to society. More people have local access to water of uncertain purity than predictable quality so there is a need to detoxify and purify local supplies.

Urban Telecom Node

A rising and sustained use of telecommunications, both commercial and personal, has been beneficial yet demanding on financial resources on providers and consumers alike. Energy consumption for 24/7 transmission is a nominal part of this circumstance.

Design focus is the green energy from waste. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) including all plastic waste as well as Agricultural Waste is converted to a premium fuel-Di Methyl Ether (DME). DME can replace diesel and LPG.

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