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We all know that global warming is the biggest challenge we ever faced in our world. At this time awareness on global warming is not an issue but the challenge to solve this problem is.

The Everglades is a subtropical wetland ecosystem spanning almost two million acres across central and south Florida.

This GPS Python Trap Drone Retrieval System will make the capturing of Burmese Pythons in the Florida Everglades viable and efficient. The snakes are devastating mammal wildlife in the Florida Everglades,


Trees are responsible for the production of oxygen in the world, but despite their great virtues, they are limited to producing and developing in specific environments,


The Central Problem: It is the deficiency of an important input such as organic fertilizer (agroecological) for the sector: agricultural, food supplements for the sector: livestock and livestock,

Waveco is a technology innovator dedicated to contributing to the global green energy transformation. We do that by adopting the proven principle of the wind turbines to the ocean space beneath the waves.

Air and water are both fluids and follow the same physical laws.

Bridgefy is solving the problem of lack of access to the Internet and phone services, by already providing millions of people with software that lets them use mobile apps without Internet. The Bridgefy software is offered in the form of a Software Development Kit, to companies with mobile apps,

Tribo is the short term for Tribology, namely the study of two rubbing surfaces with regard to friction, wear and lubrication. CAS is an acronym for Complex Adaptive System, also known as Complexity Science. Their definitions can be found online such as Wikipedia.

Like world wide web, create world wide electric grid. Install solar pv panels & wind powered electric generators all over the world & connect them to this grid. Since half of the planet receives sunshine all the time & wind is there at night,

Limitless solar electric power means zero fossil fuels or plugging into the power grid. Various fixed, tracking or out-folding of additional solar module designs assure power requirements are met.

Reduction of energy spend and boosting of throughput is of paramount importance to maximize gas separation efficiency. Waste heat energy has a major role in cost of the separated gas.

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