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1 With the development of the global economy, the prevention and control of atmospheric volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has become a serious challenge in the field of industry and power generation. The VOCs are bio-accumulative, carcinogenic, teratogenic, and mutagenic, which are important inducements that cause complex atmospheric pollution,

The proposed innovation is a sustainable, cost-effective and scalable flow battery that can store excess renewable energy in water (H2O) and table salt (NaCl). I have named this the BlueBattery. It is a combination of two well-established technologies: [1] Electrodialysis (ED),

Many families across the world use open fires fueled by wood, charcoal or sometimes even plastic as their fire source for cooking, temperature regulation and other reasons. When this is done indoors it can be significantly damaging to health, especially for youth or elderly.

This is a proposal for a green economic development organisation to work alongside counties and allow their communities to develop an ecologically and socially sustainable system for energy, food production and manufacture.

Solid state geothermal energy is right there, under your feet, almost everywhere ... and good news it works when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow.

Starting with our 2014 Australian Mining PROSPECT Award win for innovative mining solutions,

Here is proposed a new control framework for converters of renewable energy sources, based on choosing their operation mode – grid-forming or grid-following depends on the dynamic properties of a power system.

Water is very critical for survival and that is why you hear often on water saving awareness and researches that could help on saving water from big consumption to small consumption in households.

Ever since the invention of electric power by Serbian-American inventor Tesla Nikola, electric power has been very critical for survival of human beings. Whether the source of the electric power supply is renewable or nonrenewable,

Pivot Materials manufactures bio-materials by using agri-waste into plastics and bio polymer. We have reduced the use of plastics from 10% to 100%. Our materials are used in Shipping Pallets, One-time use Disposables, Automotive, Packaging, and Housewares.

A green means of generating electricity from the pitter patter of falling rain drops and sunshine is described here. A falling rain drop strikes at least one piezoelectric element (coated with multi-layer photovoltaic flexible thin films) of a micro-grid array comprised of many piezoelectric elements.

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