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This invention operates on the principal that fluid pressure increases in direct proportion to depth. It relocates the process of reverse osmosis at depths where the weight of the water produces the pressure required to drive the reverse osmosis process. By some estimates,

We are developing the smallest, lightest, strongest oil-free compressor that aims to push efficiency and reliability to new heights.

theSARCproject is developing an innovative, cutting-edge rotary compressor that aims to push compressors' power, efficiency and reliability to new heights. This rotary compressor technology features lower size, weight,

With the help of deep learning algorithms, SmartCloudFarming is combining satellite pictures and soil sensor data to create 3D maps of soils. These maps are a result of deep soil analytics and display the varying levels of moisture, nutrients (N-P-K-Mg) and soil organic carbon in 3 dimensions.

In modern physics, it is axiomatic that Entropy does not decrease automatically. For example, when two rooms of equal temperature are connected to each other, the temperature in one room will NOT automatically be higher than the temperature in the other room.

However, Mr. Richard Phillips Feynman,

A hydrostatic radial bearing which employs the resistance to compression of incompressible liquid or highly compressed gas, or mixture of both, held captive within the bearing case to support the bearing shaft radially and also keep it aligned with the bearing housing's central axis.

To counter climate change, the world is moving towards clean energy, but still, energy is generated through fossil fuel due to its need on a large scale. Therefore it is necessary to use our electricity in an efficient manner.

- Reversible operation of solid oxide cells will significantly increase market penetration capability of the solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) due to the production of hydrogen and electricity at different operating modes. It can potentially address the energy storage grand challenge by leveraging hydrogen as the energy carrier medium.

What is it?

The “Steptank thermal driven heatpump” is a heatpump that runs on high temperature heat instead of electricity. It is far better than old school thermal driven heat pumps, such as absorption heatpumps, Vuilleumier pumps( Thermolift ) and Boostheat heatpump (www.boostheat.fr).


Standard bioreactors used to grow microalgal cultures have made little progress in their potential output to meet the needs of industrial carbon dioxide emissions. Although the potential value of the algal product is high, maintenance is laborious and costly.


Over 97% of our transportation energy comes from oil, but the United States controls just 3% of the proven oil reserves and must import from other countries. Coal and Natural Gas power stations use our abundant resources to provide 61% of our grid energy needs,

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