2020 Winners


RepelWrap – a Nature-inspired Surface Technology for Repelling Contamination
Leyla Soleymani and Tohid Didar, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada


Niobium Connector (NiobiCon™)
Harvey Hack, James Windgassen, Keith Johanns, Megan Owens, Carrie Wheeler, Vincent Iorio, Tim Patterson, and David Knuteson, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Annapolis, MD, USA

Honorable Mention – Aerospace & Defense Category

Full Multimedia Autonomous System
Scott Kempshall, HyALTA Aeronautics, Saint Petersburg, FL, USA

DeepDroneID: Remote Drone Identification and Payload Monitoring System
Mohamed Ismail, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Braunschweig, Germany

Silver Lock Fastener
Harold Hess, Igor Komsitsky, Deeptesh Selvaraj, and Zoltan Szekely, Enduralock, LLC, Lenexa, KS, USA

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance for Quadrotors with Event Cameras
Davide Falanga, Kevin Kleber, and Davide Scaramuzza, University of Zurich, Switzerland


Low Noise Laser for LiDAR
John Jost, Nikolay Pavlov, Grigorii Likhachev, Tobias Kippenberg, and Pierre-Yves Cattin, MicroRsystems SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

Honorable Mention – Automotive/Transportation Category

Dual Radial Gap Electric Motor Vehicle Conversion Kit
Bryan Prucher, Lektromotiv Inc., Clarkston, MI, USA

Second generation RADIALcvt (Continuously Variable Transmission)
Jan Naude, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Future of the Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine
Jeff England, Gary Cotton, and Robert McLean, Grace Capital Partners, LLC, Little Rock, AR, USA

CITS Combustion Engine Technology
Basil Van Rooyen, CITS Engineering PL, St. Ives, New South Wales, Australia


Ring – Prosthetic Leg Grows Along with Children
Snezana Jeremic, Komiric , Serbia

Honorable Mention – Consumer Products Category

Pronto Bottle
Shannon Gilleland, Form-i-Baby Pty Ltd, Pheasant Creek, Australia
(private entry)

SelectFlex® the World’s Only Dynamic Arch Control Insole
Peter Tarlton, Barry Renow, and Joe Huston, ADDG, New Castle, NH, USA

Virtual Smart White Cane for Obstacle Detection
Pnina Ari-Gur and Justin Rittenhouse, Western Michigan University; Julia Strauss and Anna Puca, Kalamazoo Area Mathematics & Science Center, Kalamazoo, MI, USA

Airtomo Air Purification System
Kevin Chiam, Imperial College London, Singapore


PrintIC - Flexible and Recyclable Integrated Circuits and Systems
Giorgio Dell'Erba, Andrea Perinot, and Paolo Colpani, FLEEP Technologies S.r.l., Milan, Italy

Honorable Mention – Electronics/Sensors/IoT Category

Securing IoT
Page Heller, Endpoint Security Inc., College Station, TX, USA

First Responder Sensor Array System
Phillip Tinsley, Brad Jefferson, and Mat Beyus, Venti LLC, New Bern, NC, USA

Battery Health Sentry
Dong Ding, Sergiy Sazhin, Eric Dufek, and Kevin Gering, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID, USA

ULTRARAM™: Compound Semiconductor Universal Memory
Manus Hayne, Peter Hodgson, Dom Lane and Ofogh Tizno, Lancaster University, Lancaster, Great Britain


Radibond – Superior Assembly of Lightweight Materials for Transportation
Espen Hvidsten Dahl and Mikkel Kongsfelt, RadiSurf ApS, Aarhus, Denmark

Honorable Mention – Manufacturing/Robotics/Automation Category

The Future for Helmets is Now - Introducing Fluid Displacement Technology
Jason Kirshon and Donald DeVito II, KIRSH Helmets Inc., Schenectady, NY, USA

An Automated Process for Apparel Manufacturing
Brett Stern, Formafit, Portland, OR, USA

3D Printing of High-Performance Ti Alloys
Duyao Zhang, Dong Qiu, and Mark Easton, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Three-Dimensional Printing of Multicomponent Glasses
Lorenzo Barbera, David G. Moore, Kunal Masania, and Andre R. Studart, ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland


A Chip Off the Old Box: Painless Defibrillation
Mehdi Razavi, Mathews John, Allison Post, and Aydin Babakhani, Texas Heart Institute, Houston, TX, USA

Honorable Mention – Medical Category

Wearable Continuous Blood Pressure Monitors
Xina Quan, PyrAmes, Cupertino, CA, USA

Earlier Lung Cancer Screening Using the Exoutcancer System
Sumita T. Jonak, Brian D'Souza, and Abhinav Chandra, UCLA Anderson, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Customizable Tissue Engineering Patches for Accelerated Wound Healing
Samarender Nagam Hanumantharao, Carolynn Que, and Smitha Rao, Michigan Tech University, Houghton, MI, USA

Glucowaves for Convenient Pain-free Blood Glucose Level Monitoring
Ala Eldin Omer, George Shaker, and Safieddin Safavi-Naeini, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


Flash Graphene
Duy X. Luong, Ksenia V. Bets, Wala Ali Algozeeb, Michael G. Stanford, Carter Kittrell, Weiyin Chen, Rodrigo V. Salvatierra, Muqing Ren, Emily A. McHugh, Paul A. Advincula, Zhe Wang, Mahesh Bhatt, Hua Guo, Vladimir Mancevski, Rouzbeh Shahsavari, Boris I. Yakobson, and James M. Tour, Rice University, Houston, TX, USA

Honorable Mention – Sustainable Technologies/Future Energy Category

Thermionic Wave Generator (TWG)
John Read, Devin Vollmer, and Todd Mitchell, Space Charge LLC, San Diego, CA, USA

TriboFuge – Water from Air Harvester
Philip Hardcastle, AquaFuge, New South Wales, Australia

Reducing Climate Change with Waste to Energy
PD Madden, Eco Energy International LLC, Tustin, CA, USA

Transformational Li-ion Batteries with ≥10x Longer Life/Safer than Current LIBs
Orlando Auciello, Elida I de Obaldia, and Jean F. Veyan, Original Biomedical Implants, Dallas, TX, USA


The Portable Tree - Atmosphere Transformation Project
Jonar Cubillan, Patrick Morton, Richard Márquez, Mercylino Quinto, Humberto Linares, and Yanmiver Jiménez, 3JC Technologies, San Sebastian, Venezuela

Nebin Asharaf, Nitya Jois, and Sachin Bhat, 10BY10, Bangalore, India

Simultaneous Positive Pressure Ventil-Aid System
Cristobal Galjuf, Giusseppe Bianco, Richard Zicarelli, Dimitris Pavlidis, John Volakis, and Andres Tremante, Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA

Seas – Seamless Employee Attendance & Safety
Nebin Asharaf, Nitya Jois, and Sachin Bhat, 10BY10, Bangalore, India

ZERO X – Zero Exposure Mobile Swab Collection Kiosk for Pandemic
Nebin Asharaf, Nitya Jois, and Sachin Bhat, 10BY10, Bangalore, India

Collision Alert Technology for Scooters (CATS)
Adult leads: Dan Champoux and Autumn Mahoney; Youth: Honor Hutchison, Elias Cengeri, Julia Mahoney, Keira Mahoney, Evan Welch, Mihir Shah, Lucas Chin, Kate Kanoya, Avani Nandalur, Reyna Nandalur , and Julia Xiao (Hao), FIRST LEGO League Robotics Team #3646: Great Engineering Kids Of Tomorrow (G.E.K.O.T), East Hills Middle School, Bloomfield Twp., MI, USA

Idea for Future Aircraft Power Plant for Fuel Saving
R. Dandekar, Pune, India

Soleria Safety Cylinder
Sheila Ray, SBRAnesthesia Associates, Harrisburg, MO, USA

SPOTS: Stay Safe
Akshay Andhare and Tushar Shinde, Mindpod Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune, India

Solving the Disposable Plastics Problem
Thomas Brady, PTI, Holland, OH, USA