This concept based on the defense system application for a high profile person or group of people held by kidnappers/terrorists at gunpoint for their demands.

This concept is titled “HIDDEN GUN DEFENSE SYSTEM.”

This system can be used for several types of important buildings such as parliament,

Triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) are widely applied to the self-powered devices and force sensors. TENGs consists of the electrode-layer frequently made of high-cost conductors (Ag, Au, ITO) and the tribo-layer of rigid negative-triboelectricity fluoropolymers (PTFE, FEP). The surface morpholoy is studied for enhancing performance.


From WW II and later, also from its use as rotor tip power in some helicopters, we know Ramjets could have a use in certain applications where fuel economy is not first requirement.

Scootie is a portable and affordable wheelchair transforming system that can turn a manual wheelchair into a motorized wheelchair. It allows users to travel in comfort and with less effort; improves their mobility, social participation and quality of life. To achieve a truly cost-effective solution,

The Hopper creates an adapted form of mobility for the city, rainproof, comfortable, cheap and environmentally friendly. With a roof, boot and a place for a passenger, our vehicle replaces the car.

The LifeMonitor is a straightforward, non-invasive and continuous measure of patient's primary vitals in the prehospital setting allowing responders or anyone with a preliminary understanding of first aid to gain a comprehensive report of the patient's vitals which can be provided to health professionals.

The ClipShade is a product that perfectly matches the criteria to provide convenient, trouble free, shade comfort to the chair users. Whether at a youth sporting event, a picnic, the beach, or an outdoor concert, the ubiquitous use of those now generic chairs is an undeniable, accepted fact.

The forest waste like waste leaves and dry grass are available in large volumes. Fuel pellets can be produced from forest waste which can be used as domestic fuel. Other domestic products can be produced from forest waste. It can also be helpful in conserving energy,

In the current scenario of forest distraction, forest fire, pollution, etc. due to decreasing in numbers of trees, most of the trees used in paper making industries and furniture industries.

Solution is that we have to move to paperless education which save our trees.

Title suggests cities before Corona (BC) and after Corona (AC). This virus spread all over the world and every country is affected. But corona taught us something and we needs to change our lifestyle in totality.

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