In our day to day life engineering interventions are unavoidable, since engineering is well aligned with our lifestyle. A decay back engineering can be differentiate from one stream to another stream; According to world industrial growth,

Non-invasive imaging at centimeter depths in tissue is possible with computational diffuse optical imaging (DOI). Camera measurements of scattered light at the tissue surface are interpreted with a light transport model to reconstruct optical parameters within the tissue, providing contrast for object detection, localization, and identification.

Monitoring patients in hospitals tends to be limited to floor mounted machines. This project moves the monitoring to a wrist or taped monitoring system that can include patient owned smart phones and fitness devices.

Flower Harvesting BOT is a new innovative idea which is developed in concern with Farm Labor, in order to reduce the work and time consumption of laborers. Generally, flower plants will be having the harmful thorns which harms the flower plucking laborers while plucking the flowers. Using the BOT,

Today's current urban transportation system is full of problems. Traffic, parking, pollution and accidents are some of the main ones. From a designers perspective, our current system is not efficient and sustainable. Therefore I had the idea to design an urban transportation system,

We all had observed the problem of heating of the laptops, especially when we place the laptop on the bed. This happens because of the blockage of the vents given in the laptop to escape heat.


In today’s ‘Too-busy’ world, sleep is very essential as it is important for people not to wake up sweaty and weary. Sound sleep helps individuals to kick in their day. In hot countries, a sweaty and uncomfortable feeling especially during summer is a common problem.

For people with disabilities (PwD), technology offers both unprecedented opportunity and tremendous frustration. In theory, modern technology can allow PwD to participate in social life, control their homes, pursue education, and lead meaningful careers in ways never before possible,

America must invest more in its infrastructures and roads system, such as building new roads and renovating old roads. The building roads and renewing & renovation of old roads, however, what a vexing and disturbing thing it is that almost everyone has experienced. From now on,

The proposal's primary focus is to develop a user-friendly environment through the app (or) website for safe and secure voting. Although so many inventions are being developed in this area, still there is a lag in security. Our proposal will rectify the issue of safety and security,

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