Currently, in the post-harvest chili industry, separation of the chili pod from the stem is highly manual and it limits the number of chilis that can be destemmed because of the workforce shortage and high costs.

DIONYSUS project consists of the mass production and marketing of two derived goods under an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement according to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

Non Disclosure Agreement: http://www.ipsphere.

An ecological & energized module (EEM) living underlying and fundamental system, which can be typically laid on roofs and almost all the non-roof places and public areas, such as freeways, roads, streets, avenues, pedestrian zones, sidewalks, plazas, courtyards, and corridors.

LV-01, a disaster mitigation research robot to house modular payloads ranging from sensors to manipulators to help and assist with disasters along side first responders in singular or collaborative from.

Even if the environmental and ethical impact of animal husbandry is globally known; even if plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular; even if alternative sources to animal proteins are increasingly within everyone's reach; meat represents and will represent always one of the bases of our diet.


Presently with the staplers that are available in the market, the reloading of the stapler pins is a tedious and a cumbersome task. The stapler needs to be opened from the middle for the refilling of the cartridge.

Upzeez is an innovative crib that challenges the existing baby products in the market. Our smart 3 in 1 High-Rize Baby Crib is a market disruptor and caters to a wider target audience that struggles with the conventional cribs.

A fire containment system to provide a fire wall barrier to a fire proceeding across a ground, said system comprising: two or more towers anchored in series in the ground,

Pediatric trauma represents a leading cause of children's mortality and disability worldwide, killing over one million children each year. Current education programs rely on expensive simulated courses. Therefore,

A space based system to accelerate or de-accelerate a spacecraft in space, said system comprising: one or more sections of magnetic coils configured as a conduit with a flightpath therethrough for the spacecraft,

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