ECOGROUND(TM) waterborne adhesives are two-component products developed with waterborne acrylic emulsions and functional additives. They are designed to replace the conventional solvent or solvent-free polyurethane (PU) adhesives for eco-friendly sports surface installation, e.g. running track, playground, jogging lane and ball court.

It's very hard to remove aircraft sealant by using the traditionally method especially those old baked sealants and in very limited spaces. Therefore I developed a lightweight and slim sealant scraper that operates very differently than those presently in use.

Anti-pinch technology is a safety system that is present in power windows of modern vehicles. The power window is the window that uses an electric motor to operate. As the name anti-pinch suggests, this window prevents the accidental winding up of the power window.

Flooding is impossible to avoid completely. And as extreme flood events continue to increase in number and frequency, more communities are becoming vulnerable. One of the severe flooding is flash floods. Flash floods tend to be associated with many types of storms,

Hurricanes and floods are very hazardous public health impacts on grain and vegetable crops, as well as food manufacturing facilities, food warehouses, and food transporters. Specifically, crops may be affected in a variety of ways. They may be submerged in flood water, exposed to contaminants, or susceptible to mold.

Invent the future NEO light

Today’s lighting technology is almost 100 years old depending on continuous energizing of lighting element. Quantum electro dynamic energy is proven to increase efficiency of tungsten incandescent lamps 96%.

MortalityGram - A population control scheme

Global population crossing the 7.7 B mark is a distressing and debilitating predicament. Many of the societal woes are intricately connected to the uncontrolled population growth. A global pandemic, military tensions, climate change to name a few. Of all these,

Corrosion has compromised structural materials since the dawn of civilization. Today, the annual direct cost of metallic corrosion is estimated to be ~$300 billion in the USA alone. Steels are one of the most widely used metals in production and manufacturing, utilities, transportation, defense, and infrastructure; however,

Energy production, bio-oil and electricity, from biomass out of sustainable forest. Fossil fuels substitution by bio-oil refining to bio-diesel.

• failure to locate faults/ problems/ errors etc instantly
• reduce/ zero-out fraudulent activities by the ATM machines
• reduce password forget-ability eg regenerating passwords time & again
• account holder tracker,

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