This is an update on the 2021 entry having the following features:

1) Sliding surface A of incline plane has part a1, a2, a3, a4, a5 with series of v shaped tracts as in figure 1. Support for incline plane (SIP) from 35°inclination onwards tends to be lifted more

Problem Statement:
Wastewater that leaks out of defective pipe joints and cracks contaminate ground and surface water and cause a host of other problems, including pipe structure failures due to erosion of soil support, and sinkholes due to erosion of underground soil.

1 in 50 pregnancies in the US are ectopic. In the UK the number is 6 in 50. An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that happens outside of the uterus.

UNIMO offers a new level of individual mobility for people with disabilities.

The car complies with the M1 category, so it can be used on public roads.

Reducing cost is one of the important issues for every drone logistics companies. However, most drone logistics systems on the market are too costly to become widely used. Also,

Creative Caring is an exchange platform to match medical researchers needs for underfunded and orphan diseases with companies and organizations with untapped resources to achieve key breakthroughs and medical moonshots.

Creative Caring serves as an intermediary organization that connects medical researchers to the equipment,

Born from a desire to build the best damn camper known to man, the TOPO2 is a premium teardrop trailer that doesn’t ask you to choose adventure over comfort.

The stunning exterior of the TOPO2 is made of a single-piece composite fiberglass shell.

The reactionless drive is supposed to be impossible. Until now it has been science fiction. While NASA has tried to measure thrust using their version of an electromagnetic engine even their device requires intricate measuring devices to reach conclusions as to whether it functions. Our reactionless drive is different.

A multifunctional soil testing device is used to increase the yield of agricultural goods. By analyzing the soil's subsistence, this device assists in reducing the amount of fertilizer used while increasing the yield of highly nutritious food crops.

With the advent of war between Russia and Ukraine and the recovery from COVID-19, we can see that there is a noticeable shortage of food for the population. Having food nearby will be cost saving and convenient in terms of supply chain.

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