Portable multi-function Tesla Technology assisted hot water heater, Stove and tent warmer system. This portable battery powered Tesla Switch automatic charging system converts water (2H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen burning flame. This system operates at high voltage and low current,

Capping a damaged deep water well presents many challenges. The high pressure and remote environment makes it impossible for humans and difficult for robots to work in. When a deep water well is damaged, the environmental impact is significant and environmental damage rises exponentially as time progresses.

This device uses heat from the sun, engine, and electrical cords to heat water to steam, which spins turbines to produce electricity. The sun hits a black panel on the hood and reflects heat back up, creating a greenhouse effect.

Car engine efficiency on better mileage will be based on the following factors: air filter medium, engine condition and fuel quality. As the engine RPM increase, air inflow decrease. Having a electrolysis system, producing hydrogen and oxygen via alternator and booster box.

Conventional crutches have changed very little over the past 5000 years, there have been many attempts to overcome the shortcomings of rigid stiff type walking aids, such as absorbent tips, spring's in the shaft, all with limited successes in storing energy.

Global warming from carbon emissions is creating hardship and health risks world-wide.
Epoch Energy Technology Corp developed the EP-130B/EP-350B Internal Combustion Engine Carbon Cleaning System to improve the efficiency of any motor vehicle.


The Cardio Inflator is a non-surgical emergency room fixture used to re-inflate a collapsed heart or cardiac blood vessel. Here, we concentrate on the cardiac artery.

The Cardio Inflator is akin to an iron lung where negative pressure draws air into the patient's lungs.

This project is a revolutionary non-polluting environmental process, using proprietary technology, chemicals and mechanical devices, which efficiently separates and transforms used nylon carpeting into its original individual components for reuse, namely; nylon, polypropylene, and rubber adhesive. In the United States alone,

One of the most common automobile problems is thermostat failure. While the thermostat can be removed in an emergency, without the proper tools, especially the correct gasket, a roadside repair is impossible. With a side loaded cartridge thermostat,

CAT (car adaptive tender)
It’s a mobile phone cradle that transforms your mobile into a personal car digital assistant.
The idea comes from the need of having a companion when you’re alone in your car.

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