Soft sprays, massaging jets, and multiple showerheads can be combined with mood music and lighting to create a sensual shower experience like no other. Simple cold showers invigorate while hot showers relax. What more could possibly be done with shower designs?

Riding a bicycle with motorized traffic presents a safety issue. Cyclists are often hard to see and their intentions are not easily interpreted by vehicle drivers. Cycling at night is an additional challenge, as most cyclists are not prepared with the proper equipment for visibility.

Robotic surgery is showing many disruptive advantages for several surgical procedures and is marking the steps for the future of minimally invasive surgery, especially in laparoscopy (e.g. the daVinci system from Intuitive Surgical).

Infectious agents, like bacteria and viruses, tend to be both really nasty and really inventive. No sooner do we invest millions in research to find successful vaccine, than we learn that the bug we are trying to kill has successfully developed a new defense against our work.

BioChiller© is a refrigerator/freezer for the preservation of organs, tissue or other biological samples or medicines in storage or during transport. It will use easily-changed rechargeable battery packs and electric motors, to drive a small Zero Pollution Heat Pump© (ZPHP©). Aerogel or other extremely efficient insulation,

The world population every year continues to grow at an alarming rate and we are feeling the effects of it increasing more and more every day. More people means more housing, more cars, more energy, and more pollution. More energy and pollution are two that go together.

This aircraft runs on current bladeless fan available in market has propeller. Electric power from a fuel cell or battery is used to run the bladeless fan. Two bladeless fans are placed on either side of the wing and the impeller arrangement is kept inside the wing.

The Fuller wind turbine is awaiting USPTO patent issuance. It is an improvement of an early 20th Century Tesla turbine, substantially modified for use as a low speed, high torque wind turbine. By being vertically mounted atop a tubular tower,

Continuous blood pressure Monitoring and Signaling in case of emergency through 3G modem.

The system continuously monitors the blood pressure at predefined intervals and sends the blood pressure information to preloaded mobile number or to an emergency contact number, when ever the blood pressure goes beyond the normal range.

The Battery Boss technology is a patented method for assurance a smoke detector or other critical battery powered device has a functioning battery. NFPA statistics indicates over one third of all installed smoke detectors are inoperative due to failed or missing batteries. Failed batteries produce lost lives every day!

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