The present method in catheter insertion is uncomfortable to say the least.
This invention from Balint Szent-Miklosy
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works to make it a simple procedure taking nature’s own way into account.
The urethra’s normal function is to comfortably pass water out of the body.

The current plan to remove Incandescent Lamps from the worldwide marketplace leaves few alternatives. The most expensive, LEDs, and the most common, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), and its associated problems: emission efficiency, slow to start, short life, unacceptable colors, and potential Mercury Contamination.

Cell phones can be designed for use off the cellular grid. Phone cloud cellular phones act as Internet routers connected using an ad hoc and dynamic networking protocol. The Internet cloud for these phones exists in large part outside the wired Internet. Instead,

Given the continual improvement in gas appliance efficiencies, it is surprising that commonly available tea kettles have efficiencies as low as 40% when used on a gas range.

The purpose of this design is to replace the current valve arrangement on today's internal combustion engines with one that is much more efficient. Current designs employ a rocker arm, spring, and valve-stem to create the up-and-down motion of the intake and exhaust valves,

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Model to Predict Changes in Velocity properties in Stented Carotid Artery

Atherosclerosis is a disease that narrows, thickens, hardens and restructures a blood vessel due to substantial plaque deposit. In the Carotid Artery,

Friction based variable transmissions, in the form of belts and cones, have been in existence for many years. One successful new version, based around ball bearings and shaped steel surfaces, is the NuVinci drive. However, all friction based transmissions suffer from mechanical inefficiency and limited power capability.

Chameleons would look like ordinary white shoes. They would come in different styles, from Air Force 1-like shoes to high-top skater-like shoes, and even women friendly fashions.

Electronic ink displays are not very expensive to manufacture, not that much more expensive than normal paper, yet the cost of devices containing them is quite high. That is because of the control circuitry that drives the display.

Construction zones are rarely regarded in a positive light, and for good reasons:
• Commuters languish in construction zones when roads need renovation or find finding alternate routes in an effort to avoid losing precious time to traffic jams.
• Local retail business suffer,

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