All people with epilepsy may not be able to use their cars because in a crisis, with loss of consciousness, can cause serious accidents.
Extensive studies of neurological signals of patients with epilepsy have shown that several minutes before a seizure,

The current backpack frame used by the US military is called the MOLLE II system. It is a rigid piece of plastic that acts as an anchoring point for straps and packs, sometimes holding upwards of 120 pounds of gear. APEframe is an Articulated Pad,

When big vehicles make sweeping turns, sometimes the process can be dangerous.

The diagram shows the area between the black and red curved lines which is swept out by an articulated lorry.

Assisted Wheelchair for Physically Challenged is designed in Orange Research Labs, Hyderabad. The main motto of this project is to assist the physically challenged people. Here,

Spills of oil from drilling and transportation operations will continue to cause environmental degradation and economic losses.

Millions of tons (annually) of sustainable (U.S.A-available) resources can help reduce the impact of the environmental insult of uncontained oil.

• What problem does your design idea solve?
This design reduces the response time to an airplane accident by the airport’s ARFF vehicles. Reducing response time is the best way to improve the ability to quickly extinguish a postcrash fire.
• What are the potential benefits?

This describes a proposed automated package transport system that supplements current methods for delivering small to medium sized packages. Advantages of this transportation method are both energy efficiency and speed of transport.

Many people have to manually reach over to the air vents in their cars to let the air blow into their face. But they could be doing a combination of things all at a same time, including adjusting the air vent to a more desirable location.

Drug compliance is a critical issue. If drugs are not administrated exactly as physician's guideline, the effectiveness of drugs is reduced and drug tolerance may occur. As simple as it seems, taking drugs on time can be a challenge.
A wrist watch does a good job on timing,

The APET is a “magnetic levitation” public transportation system. It will transport commuters and their vehicles, via individual “pods,” long distances, to and from major cities, while their vehicles engines are off and expelling no emissions. This transportation system will radically lower the number of vehicles on freeways,

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