Since bicycles have existed for so long, we take for granted their construction and usefulness. We normally use the bike for transport, leisure & as an exercising equipment. Under careful consideration,we can find enormous potential for many other uses.

Amazon is a architectural speaker system inspired by the goddess of the moon. It is an artistic vision and concretisation of the divine. Speakers are protected by a moulded mask permeable to the sound.

Utilization of front amber turn signal lamps, employed as collision and pedestrian avoidance safety lighting, for every car, truck, motorcycle, moped, and semi-tractor trailer on the planet. This is accomplished using ultra low cost design from U.S.

The objective will be the design and construction of an “Ambulatory Ice Cream Vending Machine, with integrated Refrigeration, moved by Human Power”. The project will be part of a student group of Mechanical Engineering, of the University UTESA, Dominican Republic. The team will be lead by Prof. Eduardo Sagredo.

The MicroUtility will provide modern utility services to rural sub-Saharan Africa at a low capital and operating cost, using easily maintained, low-tech equipment. The services that the MicroUtility provides are: (1) wastewater treatment; (2) potable water supplies; (3) high-protein animal feed; (4) fertilizer;

Recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, and the tsunami in Indonesia, destroyed local energy and communications infrastructure. Friends and family were often unable to contact loved ones for days or weeks. My entry allows people affected by a disaster to make contact within hours,

Storage of electrical energy is a growing problem.

This concept is based on the well-known pumped storage, which is a type of hydroelectric power generation. The method stores energy in the form of water, pumped from a lower elevation reservoir to a higher elevation.

The main purpose of an intelligent stick for the visually challenged is to identify the obstacles in front of the visually impaired and also to locate the positions of different objects placed in his living room. Moreover,

Ships have propellers which are designed to fling water relatively rearwards in an efficient manner. Tidal power is one area of ‘alternative energy’ which seems as if it has some chance for being cost effective.

It is in a form of a wristwatch which is tied over the wrist of all passengers individually at the security check. It is locked on the wrist and can be opened using a password only at disembarkation point. This system contains an injectable tranquilizer inside it.

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