Decorative light fixtures are sent out automatically by way of a track & cable assembly. The track mounts on the face of a building or the backside of a house facia.

Power system automation is something that will prevent electrical thefts, accidents and also provide automatic billing and load management. In this work we have actually built three systems -- a basic system, enhanced system and further enhanced system.

Non-transparent vertical posts on each side of the front windshield of automobiles,and on each side of the rear window of automobiles, obstruct the view of drivers when going forward and when backing up.

It’s a staggering fact that there are nearly 37 million visually impaired (blind) people across the world. India ranks first in the blind population with more than 15 million people in the country alone.
Currently most blind people rely on other individuals, dogs,

The US Interstate Highway System consists of about 47,000 miles of highway. Dividing the highway is a median strip that average about 40 feet in width. Thus, Interstate Highway median strips constitute about 9.93 billion square feet, 228,000 acres of land.

Aviation carbon fiber production processes (in experiment blades have been produced with advantages of carbon fiber composites without the disadvantages that prevent carbon fiber to be used in critical aviation parts).

Many years ago, while trying to photograph my dog (who would not sit still), I envisioned a system that would keep me from missing another good shot because of the limitations of either my or the camera's reaction time, or the movements of the subject.

* Here is a product that speeds and improves work, manufacturing, or scientific research processes.

* The novel backpressure regulator that opens or "cracks" at low pressures in chemical environments is the "Magnetic Backpressure Regulator".

Those who work with wheelbarrows even if only occasionally, know that moving loads about in this way can be hard work and even cause injury.

Earthquake Safety

The Baumann Energy Dissipating Rebar Coupler™ (BauEDRC™) will be used to rapidly construct all types of earthquake resistant concrete structures such as school buildings, bridges, apartment and office buildings.

The BauEDRC™ could also be used to construct blast resistant structures.

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