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The Passive Car Cooler (PCC or Cool-A-Car) purpose is to prevent the car from heating up noticeably hotter than the ambient temperature of the outside air.

Business meetings, if not run effectively, cost cooperates thousands of dollars every day and increase operating and overhead costs. My invention is a programmable clock that display time in the tradition analog format and display the cost of the meeting digitally in big red digits in local currency.

The helmet has an Integral Thermoelectric/Pelzer Device with attached External Heat sink and an Internal Cold sink. Small quiet internal fans or Internal Blower force air over the cold sink into internal Duct work to cool the riders head as the Heat Sink draws off hot air outside.

DAMPS MKIV Smart Boots utilizes the most advanced shock mitigation suspension/propulsion technology in the world.

DAMPS Technology MKIV Smart Boots utilizes opposing super magnets in the heel of footwear for advanced suspenstion/propulsion shock mitigation.

In testing with Special Operations Forces (SOF),

Until now, tooth brush and tooth paste have been seen as separate items. Also, using traditional tooth brushes, it proved difficult to apply the tooth paste or fluoride rinse solution directly into the deepest crevices & spaces of the teeth.

In everyday life of a PC-user, with the number of gadgets increasing every day, there is an indentified issue of available desk space for every day activities. “The DESK - STATION” provides the user with the space under the PC monitor,

As an Engineer and Dummy dad, which cartoon character on the disposable diaper goes to the front, and how do you know if it is wet? The DDD product answers these two male mysteries with technology!

The idea is to enhance smart phones to the point that they can end the need for carrying around keys and regular wallets (making our pockets a lot lighter). The digitization of the wallet would enhance smart phones (like iPhone) to have
i. Digital credit cards

The Discrete Imbiber is a handheld portable battery powered oral suction instrument and tool for improving and increasing quality of life in the workplace, at home, during leisure time, and while traveling. Recently,

The Distributed Power Monitoring System consists of 2 components:

1. A base station (usb memory stick form factor).
The base station receives periodic reports (configurable) from
field units via low-power radio (Zigbee or similar next-gen product)
It also includes software to process the data,

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