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Soda drinks in plastic bottles sometimes go flat in no time, due to the loss of carbonation, caused by carbon dioxide leaking through the screw caps. The reason therefor is that those caps are not tight enough screwed on, because the knurled cap doesn't allow a solid grip,


Most of the people use headsets while walking, driving, running, or when sitting in the office. If someone calls out your name, there is less chance that you might hear it. This happens most when inside an office, especially in a call center.



Implosive energy apparatus FIG. 1 utilizing multi disciplinary concepts comprising super low pressure ducted fan vortex turbine engine 10 attached to canard nacelles airfoil structures 17 comprising asymmetric shaped ducted sleeve intakes 35, 36 rear outlets 15,16 FIG.

LucidBrake(TM) is a snap to use. Just attach to your bike and ride! Unlike the few struggling attempts at reasonable brake lights for bicycles on the market so far, there's no messy wiring, and no complicated attachment to your bicycle's mechanical brake system in any way.

CraftStickBending.com is the very first web site designed to teach the new art, science & fun of creating new crafts with craft stick bending. The craft will not only teach the fun, but will also teach the science, technology, engineering and math (S.T.E.M) of the bending with craft sticks.

You're driving down a road at night, your head lights are really dull, and you can't see. Now I am proposing an idea that will revolutionize the technique of driving at night. I am currently taking this weather class at school and I got the best idea.

1) Technical field of Invention

This Jar Opener is an original tool, used to open jars or bottles and it is based on the fact that inside any jar, there is a vacuum effect,

Keeping and caring for a dog outdoors has many challenges ranging from providing and protecting the food and water to keeping our pets warm and dry.

A range of LED lighting sources for home, office and street lighting including A19 and PAR bulb sizes, equivalent in lumen output (900/1400) to 60/75/100W incandescent bulbs but which have very high driver efficiency of 96/98% (on 120/220V respectively) and PF of 0.993, negligible EMI,

Innovation: The lighted magical geometric display by wireless (electrostatics) is very unique idea where old technologies come together to make a great product. The whole idea consists in having hallow glass symbols or geometric shapes or drinking or serving glassware (bottoms only) filled with inert gases or fluorescent pigments.

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