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In seated surface design for extended rest, emphasis on development of concepts like ergonomics and comfort has been increased but usually in a shallow way.

However it is not taken into account factors that could interrupt a sleep cycle (7-8 hours),

The idea is to use SMA (shape memory alloy) materials for manufacturing cans and in particular to revolutionize and improve the system of opening and make it intelligent, easier, safest and less dangerous, automatic and recyclable respecting the environment.

Our project “SMART ELECTRICITY BILLING SYSTEM” is a humble attempt to eliminate the waste of time in taking meter reading and also to reduce human efforts.

The present system of billing for electricity includes a tedious job of taking the reading from the meter of each consumer.

The SIFC device obtains data from physical objects to virtual objects, shares between two virtual objects and controls the physical object if it can be, based on certain control boundaries. A physical object can be a book,

With a machine I invented to high-speed implant plastic fiber optic cables into fabric, I created a flexible, machine-washable,

This proposal concerns a chair pad, which monitors the body posture of the sitting user and alarms the user upon detection of incorrect body position or after prolonged sitting.

A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funded research program was performed to develop different technologies to improve the intelligence and reliability of aircraft electrical wiring and interconnector systems. One of the developed technologies is referred to as the SMART (Status and Motion Activated Radiofrequency Tag) sensor.

My idea is a product which would replace the cap on standard automotive washer fluid reservoirs and other types of applications. If you have ever tried to fill the fluid without a funnel handy fluid gets spilled all over.

Problem: Storm surges on oceans, bays, rivers, and even lakes damage or destroy millions of dollars’ worth of waterside dock and deck properties each year. As storm waters rise and wave action intensifies,

In the hot climates, people are using shades inserted on the interior of a car to reduce the heat buildup inside the cab. They work moderately. I believe the shade needs to be on the outside of the car.


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