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Fast Freeze is similar to a microwave oven BUT for Instant Cooling. Frost Fire is Fast Freeze + Microwave. Instant Cooling and heating in one unit.

When we consume Soda/Beer/other Cold Beverage we want its temp to be cold for the duration of consumption,

The Problem:
Fast food restaurants increasingly make sales through drive-thru windows. Speed and drive-thru service differentiate restaurants as much as menu. Language issues are often the cause of slow ordering or misunderstanding between the customer and order-taker. Because of the volatile nature of food products,

...By Golly, This Furniture Dolly Is A Trolley!

Furniture Dollies are common and well known. They are a great tool to help move large, heavy loads that can sit securely on top of the dolly.

To carry and move large, thin items,

Physical exercise is must for all human beings to lead a healthy life. Ancient times it came from our day to day activities. In present world urban people are busy with their work and living a mechanized life.

Saves valuable wall space by allowing user to hang flat screen televisions and pc monitors in the corner of any room. The bracket remains completely hidden behind the tv screen/ monitor. U.S. Patent #7,883,066. This system has only 3 parts,

The whole world is facing a water crisis. Every drop of water is precious and to be saved. We waste a lot of water in our daily life. Most of the water is wasted while washing the face, brushing teeth, shaving and cleaning utensils in a kitchen.

The FreeWheel is a durable, light weight (5 lbs.) aluminum third-wheel that quickly and easily clamps to the footrest of a rigid-frame manual wheelchair. It instantly turns a wheelchair into an all-terrain chair. By lifting up the front casters the FreeWheel easily navigates rough terrain,

Proper dental care is very important to an individual's overall health and general well-being. Additionally, proper brushing can significantly reduce the expense and discomfort of dental restorations, cleanings, and examinations - which is why there are now many mechanical aids available for cleaning teeth.

Salamander Research And Development's latest idea concerns the worldwide demand for potable water.

Most distillation devices require replaceable filters or sophisticated wiring or plumbing. My device is scalable from 1/2 liter on up;

The idea of the G-Force Air Freshener came about as a result of the ever present need for a fresh-scented kitchen. A typical cause of bad odor in the kitchen is waste that has been lingering in the trash receptacle for an extended period of time.

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