Consumer Products

My idea is for a reusable container made of 100% post-consumer, fully recyclable material, such as a heavyweight cardboard, for liquids, such as detergent and fabric softener.

Every year someone drowns in a river or lake and the local rescue squad has to be called out to locate the body. This can take several days to weeks and sometimes the victim is not found until it surfaces and a fisherman discovers the body.

All the known toothbrushes should be periodically sterilized. First proposed construction of a toothbrush that can do it yourself by pressing an on-off” switch. Built-in LED emits ultraviolet light which kills bacteria on the toothbrush bristles.

MasterBrew coffeemaker controller offers advanced brewing features not available today. The controller uses a single micro-controller that directly drives a 1/3 bias, 4-backplane, 8-segment, LCD display. It has multiplexed push-button operation, three LED indicators, an audio annunciator, and relay control output.

A new industrial approach, combining flexibility in design with sustainability.

Why do you have to stay years with the same door handle, when you can change it every while by only changing the lever, in a simple mechanical assembling. What are the benefits?

What problem does your design idea solve?

My design idea proposes a sustainable domestic automatic watering system for small horticulture stations in apartments.

What are the potential benefits?

Using my sustainable domestic automatic watering system you can have a domestic horticulture station furnishing fresh ortages.

My app is a mobile Internet communication service which helps
the users to communicate, send SMS, MMS, email and chat from his computer without the mobile handset. This type of new operating communication system works when people usually forget their mobile phone at home.

We have a million models of mobile phones in our midst but I have not yet come across a model with a built-in intercom which can facilitate two-way communication between two authenticated parties using the GHz range or a WiFi protocol within a short range of say

The MDMouse(TM) product is a new innovation in home-based medical measurement technology. It combines an otherwise conventional computer optical mouse controller with one or more internal medical parameter measurement devices such as a blood pressure cuff or blood glucometer etc. which are stored in the mouse.

The novel idea is in the Basic Unit, composed of two covers, which constitute the bed, that can be used independently of the mattress. These male and female parts have measures and holes in the appropriate configuration,

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