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My idea is very simple.

All the laser printers or copiers use a laser beam and poligonal motor to write in the opc drum.

This new system does not use poligonal motor, it uses the laser beam and MEMS (in horizontal scanning) to write in the opc drum.

Many houses burn to the ground by just a few embers that fall onto the roof. My design would resemble an oversized covering that would resemble a shower cap. The material would be metalized such that the embers could land without starting the roof on fire.

One of the biggest problems people have is keeping their outdoor garbage cans from blowing around...sending them out into the street and leaving them damaged.

The Trash/Garbadge Can Bracket helps keep cans in place. Made of durable plastic,

Passive microwave imager portable hand held imager concept is a device that uses passive microwave energy to image things much like a radar.

This is portable, light and compact. The Prefect Press will allow you to iron your garments while still on the hanger. No more getting out the ironing board, or having to find a flat place to iron. The design is simple.

This is a remote-controlled platform that is currently in use as an aid in outdoor heavy work. With a track drive for extreme traction and maneuverability, from a distance it is easily controlled.The machine is capable of driving a lawn mower over difficult and dangerous terrain.

The Photo Opportunity Device would allow those who are unable to operate a camera due to physical limitations, the ability to do so. This device is extremely portable at a lowered height of around fifteen inches with a diameter of around four inches.

I am an undergraduate student. I often work with computers but the thing is I hate to type the materials or assignment, class notes, permission letter etc. and the book author will write the book and then they prepare a digitized book by approaching any publication.

The main theme behind this idea is to develop a self chargable mobile device that works on the phenomenon of piezo electricity.

Working principle:
We know that whenever a stress is being applied on the peizo electric transducer,

One of the most common problem bikers face, especially mountain bikers, is when one/both tires become deflated. This kind of problem is faced by avid/seasonal bikers. The Pump Integrated Mountain Bike (PIMB) addresses this type of issue. PIMB, from its name,

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