Consumer Products

Here is a product that increases quality of life in the workplace, at home, during leisure time, or while traveling.

The proposed novel affordable dual purpose, interior, self-contained, off-grid lighting device is the "Magnetically Mounted Disc-Shaped Light Diffuser," which is an upgrade of the existing model.

The Dumbwaiter Refrigerator is the modern update to an old design.

In keeping with energy savings, safety and disaster proofing, recent events in Japan and other cities demonstrate the impracticality of the old refrigerator designs!

Conversely, the Dumbwaiter Refrigerator offers the following enhanced qualities:

1. Security,

According to the US Department of Energy, the most significant end use of electricity is central air-conditioning and refrigerators. This idea is to increase efficiency of central air conditioning in homes and offices.

In Wall Street talk, people usually say that only the strongest survive. From this evolutionary viewpoint, people are more successful if they are sufficiently strong to cope with challenges and if they adapt to their environment. Thus, success strongly depends on the team who supports us. Consequently,

Ever experienced a long wait at an airport, train station or hospital or other similar situation?

The ED-Tag combines cutting edge technology with the spirit of adventure.

The tag can be worn as a necklace by every child to be in reach whenever it´s needed.

Many homes without dishwashers exist, and an issue becomes the amount of time to clean each individual utensil without a dishwasher.

Electric Glove

I hate when, during running, skiing, and snow shoeing, my hands get cold. Especially when it is to the point I can barely move them. My idea is a twist on current ideas, more like a combination.

The EZ Vac Sander is the next generation of drywall sander. This sander features advanced 3-D design to be completely dust free and have a base that IS abrasive so you never need to buy sanding meshes.

This is a revolutionary, yet simple, new bike rack design. It is designed to mount to the standard hitch receiver. It will accomodate any style or size bicycle frame quickly and easily with no need for adapters. It can hold up to six or even seven bicycles.

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