Consumer Products

This presents a bicycle handle assembly, more particularly to a bicycle handle assembly of which the position of the handle grip can be freely adjusted according to the need of the rider, enabling the rider to ride the bicycle in a comfortable position.

New dishwasher uses enzymes and bacteria to save water and energy while reducing environmental impact.

• Uses 10% of the water, 15% of the energy of a "green" dishwasher!
• Uses NO soap or other environmentally harmful substances!

During a time when energy and water shortages plague mankind,

Boat canvas for boats/crafts and other vehicles which exploits the force of the wind, fabricated with materials specific of the field, with exceptional aero-dynamic profile, highly performing, with a large range for each specific situation, completely controlled by computer (without maneuvering – exterior cords).

Camera In Dashboard with Electronic Response. The name of this is so vague only because of the endless possibilities that are possible. In simple terms,

The name of my invention is the Carrier Pro, and pertains to the games of Golf, Tennis, and Baseball.

Presently, when far away from their caddies, golfers carry their golf balls in their pockets; tennis players carry the tennis balls on their sleeves or pockets, and in baseball,

Centrifugal Separator Media.
This Device can be used on a vast scale for:
The separation and purification gases, liquids, powders;
Extraction of SO from exhausts of power-plants for prevention acid rains;
Extraction of toxic gases from chemical plant exhausts;

The conceptual project:
A device for electronic replacement of coins in shops.

Would You Fly in an Airplane Built the Same Way Your Home was Built?

No? Then why isn’t your home and all other buildings built the same way as your plane, your computer and virtually everything else you buy made?

Structural Steel Strap-Nets & Extensions continuous frame reinforcing prevents and reduces structural failures in various force impacts and collisions.

Improves buildings, structures, vehicles, and containers survivabilities in tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and collisions. This also reduces injuries and loss of life and personal property.

Cool Tunes is a temperature regulating guitar case. Its goal is to aid in keeping a guitar in a safer temperature range. For instance, personally, when I play the guitar for church or at school, I have to leave my guitar in the car.

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