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Consists of LED array and driver circuit that uses novel idea to lower power usage over standard LED lamps, simplifies manufacturing, can be applied to medical theraphy LED lamps in all its light spectrum, can be applied to several lighting products,

Weed trimmers cause more heartburn than any other garden tool. Depending upon centrifugal force (CF) to extend the filament when you bump the head on the ground, if you let the string get too short, there isn’t much mass for the CF to work on. Also,

This entry provides a suspended track cargo train system, more specifically, an H.O. scale suspended R/C cargo train system. In its preferred embodiment, the system includes a plurality of straight and curved track sections; floor stands to suspend the track sections, a train,

The swimming pool is an American icon for summer fun. Leaving the house and the pool unattended can sometimes lead to unpleasant surprises. I have had a few myself, which led me to develop the swimming pool pump controller. Based on my own experiences,

In recent times, cars are manufactured with an inbuilt computer which keeps a check on the working of the car with the help of sensors. Our idea is to club the cell phone of the driver and the car’s computer.

The goal of this device is to simulate textures by using electrical current to induce vibrations.

The most commonly used touchscreen technology is the capacitive touchscreen.

It's probably safe to say that almost everyone who's ever bought a bottle of wine and failed to finish it upon opening has experienced its rapid degradation while trying to save it for another day.

Texting and reading a web-page are not comfortable paradigms for accessing information, especially when mobile. The Verbal Internet changes this radically. Using the heavy compute power that will become available via the ‘cloud,’ a smart phone can couple a speaker to voice recognition software, interpret queries or actions,


The Walking Charger™ from Energy Harvesters LLC incorporates an innovative approach to collecting energy from human motion, using the pressure of the human footfall to drive a Faraday generator. This elegant design increases the power output, decreases the complexity, and improves reliability over existing designs.

Virtual Assault Gaming System is a, patent pending, PC based Arcade Machine. It is compatible with most major gaming titles and numerous online games that are first person shooter games such as Medal of Honor, Doom, Black Ops, Combat Arms, etc.

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