The Trekr 3X-1© is a design for a revolutionary and radical electric 3-wheel vehicle (F-117 Stealth Fighter inspired) intended to be totally amphibious and to be piloted on either land or water utilizing the same controls.

A contact-type ultrasonic inspection system, mounted on a carriage that is pulled behind any hi-railer vehicle on a railroad track.

The system presented here is destined for the transmission of information of automatic form, route repeater or satellite, (depending on the needs of the client), in case of:
• Collision
• Overturn
• Fire
• Theft of the vehicle
As complement to the previous thing,

The patent pending Automodal system automates the loading and unloading of semi truck trailers on train cars. Now, time sensitive freight can be transported via railroads removing the diesel guzzling vehicles off our highways.

Automation is not yet there in the transportation sector.

Our aim is to bring Full Automation here.
By using RuBee Protocol we are going to implement this.
RuBee is a Transceiver, its cost is Rs:1500/- (cheap to buy).

The huge amount of smoke the Internal Combustion Engine of an automobile (truck/car/bus) bellows, versus the clean ride we all enjoy on a bicycle, made me think of a cleaner source of energy to run the automobile which is not dependent on any sort of crude,


I have created the ultimate flying machine ever build by human hands. I call it the AutoSkyBot. It’s a VTOHLJATT- Vertical Takeoff Hover Landing Jet Arial Terrestrial Transport. Consumer uses are Air Taxi Cab, Air Ambulance, Multi-role Fire Department fire suppression vehicle,

Major drawback of the electric vehicles are the batteries which only offer limited range, add weight, consume space and are a major cost component of the vehicle.

New nano foam polymer lithium batteries are relatively compact, light weight and have been designed to allow greater storage of electrical charge than other types of battery. They hold the potential to significantly increase the range of electric vehicles of the future. However, more importantly,

This system is designed to eliminate the dead spot and enable the user to gain increased stroke power, thus also increasing the speed of the bicycle.

It is compose of a pair of crank arms of an obtuse configuration; each crank presents an orifice,

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