The Trekr 3X-1© is a design for a revolutionary and radical electric 3-wheel vehicle (F-117 Stealth Fighter inspired) intended to be totally amphibious and to be piloted on either land or water utilizing the same controls. The facet body segments are composed of aluminum panels which are formed in the shape of cake-pans. These panels are joined in the assembly at their upturned edges, which face the outside, to form an external exoskeleton frame. Once panels are joined, the voids left are filled with formfitting urethane panels for aesthetics as well as to provide additional buoyancy and aero/fluid-dynamic efficiencies. The panels that make up the roof and the hood are also covered with photovoltaic cells to provide additional charge ...

A contact-type ultrasonic inspection system, mounted on a carriage that is pulled behind any hi-railer vehicle on a railroad track. This is a skid type inspection fixture that slides onto the top face of the joint bars (one each side of the rail) and uses ultrasonic energy to inspect the back (hidden side) of the joint bar for cracks. These cracks develop at the top of the joint bar where it contacts the rail, just under the rail head.

Cracks developing on the inside surface of the joint bar cannot be seen by visual inspection until they propogate to the outside surface, in which case it may be too late, causing an open joint wth the potential of a ...

The system presented here is destined for the transmission of information of automatic form, route repeater or satellite, (depending on the needs of the client), in case of:
• Collision
• Overturn
• Fire
• Theft of the vehicle
As complement to the previous thing, it has also other functions of manual type since like the request of help, management of fleets or other parameters (pressure, temperature of the load etc.).

The major advantages of the equipment it would be obtained by the transport of dangerous goods, but its qualities and the potential adjustment to other sectors, make that any kind of vehicle could benefited from a way of communication and passive safety that today doesn’t exist ...

The patent pending Automodal system automates the loading and unloading of semi truck trailers on train cars. Now, time sensitive freight can be transported via railroads removing the diesel guzzling vehicles off our highways.

It works like this: A truck driver positions a semi trailer onto an Adaptor Plate (similar to a large automation pallet), unhitches the trailer, anchors it to the Adaptor Plate, and drives away. The Adaptor Plate is automatically staged, via conveyors, along side of a set of train tracks. A train yard can be equipped with as many of these conveyor zones as needed. A special Automodal train pulling Automodal cars stops alongside the conveyors. All Adaptor Plates on the train cars are simultaneously transferred ...

Automation is not yet there in the transportation sector.

Our aim is to bring Full Automation here.
By using RuBee Protocol we are going to implement this.
RuBee is a Transceiver, its cost is Rs:1500/- (cheap to buy).
This Rubee Tag will have a Vehicle Identification Number and this was kept in the vehicle chase, so no one han access to it physically (full security). It will send the ID number continuously. It works with a small lithium battery with a lifetime of ten years (continuous operation and longer operating hours).

It can also be used to store details like..
Licence Number
Vehicle Owner Name
Owner's Contact
Validity of Vehicle
Insurance Validity
and those details in Vehicle Book ...

The huge amount of smoke the Internal Combustion Engine of an automobile (truck/car/bus) bellows, versus the clean ride we all enjoy on a bicycle, made me think of a cleaner source of energy to run the automobile which is not dependent on any sort of crude, not even on the Renewable Energy sources of the Sun, Hydro, or Wind power; is far easier and economical to build than the fuel cell, can be made available 24 X 7 almost without any cost.

It is actually the simple principle of a Dynamo which worked fine on my bicycle, magnified 100 times. My bicycle had a dynamo attached to the rear wheel which when turned along the wheel’s rim as the bike ...


I have created the ultimate flying machine ever build by human hands. I call it the AutoSkyBot. It’s a VTOHLJATT- Vertical Takeoff Hover Landing Jet Arial Terrestrial Transport. Consumer uses are Air Taxi Cab, Air Ambulance, Multi-role Fire Department fire suppression vehicle, SKY crane, Skyscraper construction platform, skyscraper rescue vehicle, skyscraper external fire suppression system, Selective Logging, Shipping Container Automated Delivery Vehicle. Power line maintenance. Handicapped, elderly, special needs vehicle.

Now we've all seen the World Trade Center; imagine a fire on the 60th floor of a building, trapping all occupants of the building above the 61st floor with no means of escape; an aircraft has just cut off the only means of escape. The escape stair wells ...

Major drawback of the electric vehicles are the batteries which only offer limited range, add weight, consume space and are a major cost component of the vehicle.

This entry proposes that this problem is alleviated by having a system which can input auxiliary electrical energy into the vehicle while it is on the road. The input system can be wires suspended above the road (similar to trolleybuses), a induction based system in the bottom, positive wire above the road and negative embedded into the road (as in bumper cars) or a galvanic contact system at the bottom as shown in the picture. The vehicles would be fitted with a device that is able to connect to the auxiliary power ...

New nano foam polymer lithium batteries are relatively compact, light weight and have been designed to allow greater storage of electrical charge than other types of battery. They hold the potential to significantly increase the range of electric vehicles of the future. However, more importantly, this new type of battery can be molded into virtually any conceivable shape (Topix, 29/06/11). This capability naturally leads to the idea of replacing most if not all of the structural elements of a traditional automobile frame by battery elements that have been moulded into the same shapes as the various elements that make up the frame.

The design of the outer package or housing of the battery depends to a certain extent on ...

This system is designed to eliminate the dead spot and enable the user to gain increased stroke power, thus also increasing the speed of the bicycle.

It is compose of a pair of crank arms of an obtuse configuration; each crank presents an orifice, located at the middle part of the crank’s vertex, that when connecting to the spindle allows them to integrate from left to right. These orifices' function is to work as attachment and leaning point for the crank arms. Each crank arm opposite to the pedal receptor presents another orifice that will integrate through another element to the spindle, which will exercise the effect of traction, thus the function of the crank.

The cyclist is always ...

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