“Is 150 Year Old Technology the Best Design for the Next 100 years of High Speed Rail (HSR)?”

For over 150 years, one structural rail technology has been used to transport both (1) bulk items such as coal, grains, chemicals, and containerized cargo; and (2) people. Today,

The PDT is a Hybrid of Steam, Gas Jet turbine, and Reciprocating technologies. The name Positive Displacement Turbine suggests a contradiction in terms; however, we need to make use of a paradigm shift in thinking of what constitutes a turbine.

This new aircraft design will deploy state-of-the-art technology present in the latest subsonic passenger aircraft today.

A simple foot operated mechanism for controlling both throttle and brakes of a motor vehicle is proposed. The throttle is controlled by pivoting foot at the ankle. A locking mechanism is used, which provides rigid support for the driver's foot while operating the throttle.

The first challenge in transportation is to explore new trails, to go where no one has gone before, to leave the first footprints in undisturbed sands. At this watershed moment, the Earth's Moon waits, a vista of magnificent desolation, silent, forbidding, calling. Come, blaze new trails with me.


My new concept design is a 4 seater mini car for both rural and urban areas. Every day traffic is becoming more hectic and congested around the world. To overcome this,

The CoPilot is a simple device that detects and interprets the acceleration of a vehicle. The device is used to help train a driver to drive in a conservative manner. In efforts to reduce a vehicle's fuel consumption, one of the greatest factors is how a vehicle is driven.

An innovative solution for the cosmic airplanes (spacecraft), for the sub-orbital salvage vehicles and also for the high speed airplanes, for all flying vehicles which necessitate a compact and robust body – atmospheric reentry (returning body) – at great altitudes and speed,

In theory, the CVT is an ideal design, varying the transmission ratio continuously so that you can say it's an automatic transmission with no infinite number of ratios. Consequently, the best ratio can be chosen at any time to optimize performance and energy efficiency of both (motor car).

DCD stands for Dynamic Cylinder Deactivation, the latest fuel saving technology for internal combustion engines. Traditional cylinder deactivation started in the 1970s, and has been verified and proven over 30 years. But it has never been made into an aftermarket retrofitting product until now.

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