A New Method of Cardiogram Analysis

The electrocardiograph machine has not changed much over the past 60 or so years. Heart pulse waveforms are difficult to analyze by simple visual examination, and each ECG must be studied by a medical expert who issues a report. The new innovative signal processing scheme described here involves a transformation of ECG data into a form that is not only easier to analyze but also provides additional analytic capability that can be performed more quickly and at lower cost.

The electrocardiogram is a plot of the electrical time signals from the heart. The points , PQRSTU, along the heart pulse that identify the important measurement references for analysis. However, in signal analysis there ...


Units of “solar radiation concentrators” of this design are maintained in an orthogonal attitude vis-a-vis incident sunshine - by conventional technical means.

The plane-wave solar radiation that enters a unit's capture-window sees (due to optical for-shortening), a pattern of squares and trapezoids, disposed as a “hex-rosette” as per illustration H#1. Instead of a 360-degree circle, the proposed design of concentrator consists of two equal and opposite sectors of the rosette, each of 105 degrees. It then becomes feasible to design a two-sided rectangular “target of concentration” and to illuminate each side of that target with the concentrated radiation from all the focus-tilted reflectors of one “facing sector”.

There are 66 “seen-as-square” reflectors in each sector ...

Because our aim is to win the Google Lunar X-Prize (GLXP) in the most commercial and sustainable manner, our design has many practical applications. We are developing an inexpensive yet durable robotic platform, whose resistance to the much harsher conditions of the moon will enable it to be used anywhere on Earth.

Similar to Mars Exploration Rovers, our swarm of eight to ten autonomous robots will land via airbags on the moon. Then, they will crawl and/or fly across the lunar surface for several hundred meters, capturing video with special JPEG2000 compression chips and searching for water with low-cost spectrometers. The robots’ piezoelectric and titanium composition allows them to withstand extreme temperature values and large temperature swings. A novel ...

Described herein is a design for a self-sustaining electro-mechanical mosquito larvae killer.

As is well known mosquito infestation is one of the leading killers of the indigenous population in many countries. Many chemical solutions are available for treating the local area but for various reasons are not used.

This device is designed to kill mosquito larvae at the source; in the water where they live. Mosquito larvae float at the surface of the water where they extend their abdomens above the surface to breathe in air.

The unit contains a solar cell array arranged around the surface of the unit. Internal to the unit is a completely sealed rechargeable battery and associated charging and conditioning circuitry along with a ...

There are three principal methods of heat loss through a window. These are radiation, conduction and convection. Radiation losses may be greatly reduced by means of an IR blocking (low E) coating applied to the warmer side of the window. Conduction losses can decreased by the choice of filling gas between the panes (we assume 2 or more panes) or by increasing the spacing between the panes. Increasing the spacing between panes to more than about .5-.75 inches (reference 1) results in increased bulk convection that more than compensates for a decrease in conduction loss. Figure 1 shows the effect of widely spaced panes. High quality windows use spacing of about .5” between panes. The common ways to improve ...

The problem that exists today that prompted the idea for this device is that there is a declining availability of fossil fuels and other “non-clean” energy sources. Scientists and engineers around the world have developed means of harvesting “clean energy.” Clean energy could be defined as energy that is produced in a way that is both not harmful to the environment and is sourced from something other than the fossil fuels which are of a finite supply that could someday be gone. Clean energy could include using elements such as wind, rivers, and the sun. The other source of energy that has been unexplored but now tested is rain, or falling water.

Before this device was designed, there was ...

Sometimes old technology is superior to the "latest and greatest".

Do you trust that election results always represent "the will of the people"? Probably not.

The 2000 presidential election began to make the public aware of the extent to which our voting systems and technology were susceptible to error and fraud. Much has changed since then, but not all for the better. Some of the newer systems actually make it easier for a malicious person to manipulate election results without detection. Such problems have caused some to believe that paper ballots are the only choice, yet those have a long history of fraud.

The SAVIOC Voting System (www.savioc.com) is so radically different from every other voting technology that some ...

A-Hub™ in an innovative medical device based on breakthrough design with the aid of CoolChip™ for low power consumption to extend battery life, which is the largest reported complaint against other patient-worn medical devices such as hearing aids. This universal patient-data control hub, which has been securely programmed by qualified medical personnel, is worn around the waist, arm or wrist. The flexibility of A-Hub will allow continuous monitoring via wireless data transmission of patient vital signs and other patient conditions such as blood sugar, so that the medical professional can adjust treatment for a wide variety of health conditions, such as Type 2 Diabetes. A special application named C-Hub™ is also being designed for specific Cancer ...

SunPax– The Mass-producible, IT-integrated, Solar-Energy Appliance

Solar energy systems need to move from custom-engineered installations to a mass-produced modularized energy appliance containing all related electronics, storage and monitoring functions within a single, UL approved, energy appliance. The SunPax system will do just that.

The rapid deployment of solar energy is inhibited by several issues.
1.Today, all solar energy systems are one-of-a-kind, custom designed systems with engineering being a substantial recurring cost. Systems with widely variable selection of components have variable quality and highly variable failure modalities. This creates uncertain maintenance-cost profiles. This customized style of assembly also fosters high permitting and installation-costs.
2.Solar/light energy is only available during the day. With battery storage, it becomes a 24/7 electrical energy ...

Active RC Electronic Biquad/Universal Self-Compensated Filter(s)

2° order biquad/universal continuous time IF (Intermediate Frequency) active filters type resonant and, more particulary, active full self-compensation techniques to improve the frequency range, the stability and/or the selectivity of the filters themselves with a very low cost.
These active filters techniques are the only ones that can totally erase the effects of the parasitic poles, using a single resistor or an additional operational amplifier that has a functionally filtering output.

APPLICATIONS: IF Radio Receivers, Electronic Measurement Instruments, Telecommunications and all the cases wherein a High Precision Signal Filtering Process is needed to Transmit Data.

This Technology is fully Patented, the Best and the only one of his kind in the World.

(See ...

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