On a typical aircraft wing, a surface that rises from the top surface to help with laminar flow, and depending on the speed,

In the classical movie/TV shot of an aircraft touching down, tires meet the payment with a load squeal and a puff of smoke as they spin-up. Annual commercial flights in the United States are approaching 10M (Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) • U.S.

Wind energy harvesting technology has established its market due to the excellent advantages it possesses. At the same time, severe limitations of this technology has emerged. This is a step forward from the combustion based energy generation techniques used before;

Energy conservation is a key issue faced by all the countries these days. It has been estimated that 20 to 50 % of the energy consumed is due to lighting. When vehicles stop for signals the kinetic energy gets wasted as heat.

Macine Description-Overview:
Imagine: You walk up to this Modern, Fascinating, Patriot Health (vending) Machine and choose what you want:
You drop down your Card or Put in your Dollar for payment, then
Choose a Beverage: 1) Mineral-Spring Water, 2) Soda,

The Trekr 3X-1© is a design for a revolutionary and radical electric 3-wheel vehicle (F-117 Stealth Fighter inspired) intended to be totally amphibious and to be piloted on either land or water utilizing the same controls.

Of a city’s total electricity consumption, more than 25% of the power is just consumed by the very basic need for air conditioning – to keep the temperature inside offices, homes, malls, shopping complexes, hypermarkets, cinema halls, factory complexes – at an ambient temperature for comfortable working,

A Cellular telephone unit should be made that a common regular telephone can be plugged into it. This Cellular unit will have or be plugged into a normal AC power outlet, as it will have to provide common battery for the regular telephone.

The invention refers to an installation for the termo-formation of the multilayer polymer plaques made of composite polymers in view of the re-introduction in the economic circuit of the polymer waste.

The SuperCritical Air Mobility Pack (SCAMP) provides breathing air and full body cooling for hazardous materials workers, firefighters, and industry. Breathing air is essential for workers under oxygen deficient conditions or where toxic gases are or may be present. In addition to providing the basic air supply,

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