This system is designed to eliminate the dead spot and enable the user to gain increased stroke power, thus also increasing the speed of the bicycle.

It is compose of a pair of crank arms of an obtuse configuration; each crank presents an orifice,

This presents a bicycle handle assembly, more particularly to a bicycle handle assembly of which the position of the handle grip can be freely adjusted according to the need of the rider, enabling the rider to ride the bicycle in a comfortable position.

Using stainless steel thread recently made available to weave a 1/2" wide perimeter sensor around a baby's pull-over that is able to touch skin,

New dishwasher uses enzymes and bacteria to save water and energy while reducing environmental impact.

• Uses 10% of the water, 15% of the energy of a "green" dishwasher!
• Uses NO soap or other environmentally harmful substances!

During a time when energy and water shortages plague mankind,

This project proposes the construction of a public leisure centre, which consists of a tropical garden and an indoor swimming pool, both within the same enclosure, so the installations can be enjoyed all through the year.

In order to define a unique and compact volume,

How can a medical professional deliver better patient care and increase positive functional outcomes for orthopedic patients? Through better understanding of the underlying biomechanical issue(s). If a physician has a greater understanding of the particular dysfunction, not only can they develop more effective treatment plans,

During the course of an illness it is important to monitor the vital signs of a patient to track their progress. In most clinical situations this information can be gathered by doctors or nurses, but there are a variety of electronic monitoring devices to aid in this task. Many,

A bracelet or ring that analyzes a person using a variety of biometrics, such as galvanic skin response, possibly frequency (like the brainwave frequency devices), heart rate and oxygen levels. Using a variety of biometric data the color of an LED in the bracelet or ring would change color.

• What problem does your design idea solve? Amblyopia.
Amblyopia (lazy eye) occurs when the brain does not fully acknowledge the images seen by the amblyopic eye, if one eye sees clearly and the other sees a blur, the good eye and brain will inhibit (block, suppress,

Boat canvas for boats/crafts and other vehicles which exploits the force of the wind, fabricated with materials specific of the field, with exceptional aero-dynamic profile, highly performing, with a large range for each specific situation, completely controlled by computer (without maneuvering – exterior cords).

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