Judging the speed of an approaching car can be tricky, even for an experienced driver. This important skill is used frequently in daily driving situations such as pulling into a busy street, merging into fewer lanes, entering on-ramps, passing into oncoming traffic on a single lane road,

The invention can be used in designing complete autonomous power installations for stationary applications(up to 5MW) and for mobile applications (up to 1MW).

According to the proposed principle and methods for performing self-sustained power installations (fig.1), the working fluid (water,water-based fluids, bio-hydraulic oils, etc.


I have created the ultimate flying machine ever build by human hands. I call it the AutoSkyBot. It’s a VTOHLJATT- Vertical Takeoff Hover Landing Jet Arial Terrestrial Transport. Consumer uses are Air Taxi Cab, Air Ambulance, Multi-role Fire Department fire suppression vehicle,

Major drawback of the electric vehicles are the batteries which only offer limited range, add weight, consume space and are a major cost component of the vehicle.

Replacing the traditional display with a heads up display.
The video phone has an interface that is displayed as a heads up display. By holding AVA in front of you, the user interface is projected on the retina.

Here is a product that speeds and improves work, manufacturing, or scientific research processes.

The novel backpressure regulator that opens or "cracks" at low pressures in chemical environments is the "Magnetic Backpressure Regulator."

The novel Magnetic Backpressure Regulator keeps a constant pressure on items upstream of it.

New nano foam polymer lithium batteries are relatively compact, light weight and have been designed to allow greater storage of electrical charge than other types of battery. They hold the potential to significantly increase the range of electric vehicles of the future. However, more importantly,

In North America transportation accounts for 23% of the greenhouse gas emissions produced. To determine the amount of greenhouse gases produced, and to have a basis for comparison, a measurement known as “global warming potention” is used.

Most currently available security seal technologies have been in use for decades. Frighteningly, the majority of the tamper seals on the market currently are easily defeated or counterfeited.

Water is an essential commodity for life on Earth. Drinking water is supplied to people living in urban areas from the major and minor water supply schemes.

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