Active firearm safeties have not became a reality because of a limitation in technology. The ability to transmit signals a short distance can be done with IR, RF, sonic and visible light even in a very small size. So an authentication key, ring, badge,

We all know the timed traffic signs with big digital screens. But also most of us get bored when we wait until the count down finish to move our car even though the road is already empty and many seconds are wasted for nothing.

This is an adjustable geometry prone recumbent bicycle. The bike is displayed in its "down" position. At low speeds it is "upright", allowing balance by aligning the riders hips over the pedals and the hands over the front wheel. At speeds over 30 mph,

My idea is restructuring liquid crystals to have controllable photovoltaic properties. This can cause desirable effects, and could also make photovoltaics much more practical for household use. The panels are designed to exhibit photovoltaic properties when a small voltage is applied from a separate power source, darkening the glass,

The new product idea is nicknamed the A-STAR Advanced Superior Tactical Aero Rotorcraft, which has agility control ability via full dimensional thrust vectoring techniques. The A-STAR can be branched from Unmanned Air Vehicle to Manned Vehicle into Safe Air Travel also known as 3 Dimensional Travel.

A new concept in the use of integrated Aeolian energy–even for light winds under the speed of 2.5 m/s,-with the assistance of a turbine that has double synchronized rotors with multiple folding palettes of the new type, with auto-regulating in wind and self protection on wind gust (flurry),

At the end of 2008 there were around 2 million people living with HIV in Latin America - more than in the U.S., Canada, Japan and the UK combined. While this region has often been overlooked in the past,

The Air Conditioned Helmet, (two patents issued), is the first and only practical thermoelectric air conditioned helmet.

Water drips from standard Air Conditioner (A/C) units because of condensation, but what if the water was to be collected using an automatic device?

My idea looks at recovering waste condensed water from A/C units that run for several months over the year.

This gas turbine engine design offers an ingenious solution to the pending energy crisis. It offers an alternative energy solution that emits no greenhouse gas, while balancing the greenhouse effect itself, as the by-product of this engine is very cold air.

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