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The “Bog Master” snorkel boot was developed to enhance navigation through swampy mud such as encountered in underground and open-pit mines, dairy and hog farms, wetlands, etc., by foiling the grip of boot-sucking sludge.

This idea make use of the wasted energy when any vehicle driver uses the brakes. It depends mainly on the potential energy of the passengers in the vehicle by transferring this energy to well distributed electrical generators along the the vehicle body.

Shots are the most feared part of medical care. Immunizations may only hurt for a second, but can result in a lifetime of needle phobia for 22% of adults. The costs of 1/5 of the population avoiding medical treatment, refusing blood donation,

Camera In Dashboard with Electronic Response. The name of this is so vague only because of the endless possibilities that are possible. In simple terms,

This system uses the changing water level in Lake Ontario to turn one or two turbines to generate electricity. This system is only viable because the canal is between the lake and a large harbour (over 16 million square meters in surface area).

Car Collision Energy Neutralizer

High speed is the biggest factor in deciding the impact extent of a car collision. High speed results in high kinetic energy which in turn results in greater collisions.

In the current scenario the world is plagued by accidents which are primarily due to human errors in judgment and hence thousands of lives are lost. These accidents could be avoided if only there was a mechanism to alert the driver of approaching danger.

The sun is the largest fusion reactor we have available to us, and we do not make use of it as we should. But we are not to blame, it is the usage of "conventional" solar panels that cause the lack of notoriety for solar energy in the public.

Carp have escaped from fish farms and threaten fresh water ecologies. The rapidly growing and reproducing fish are pushing out native species in the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and are threatening the Great Lakes. Traditional methods have failed to hold the expansion of carp populations.

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