This product that is being developed right now is for improving radio communication in a cheap and effective way. Since I have started dabbling in telecommunication I have noticed that equipment can get very expensive. My research will focus on quality and a cheap product that will match up with the higher quality and more expensive devices on the market, it will start out with simple simulations in Comsol, Matlab, and simulation of the circuits in Multisim. This cross integration of computing products is important because I want the data to be understandable by everyone and be able to recreate the product since my primary belief is that sharing of information will make for a better future for all ...

Technical and marketing information relating to J & M’s newly developed electrolytic, magnet ACES device. Aces stands for Aortic Calcification Elimination System. J & M Associates has technical knowledge in engineering, and new materials for various power supplies and antenna applications, which would facilitate safely dissolving calcification deposits in the human body by noninvasive means.

The basic concept of the device is certain RF and electromagnet radiation is applied to the plaque area by an inductor coil placed around the patient’s body or body part to be treated. This procedure is very similar to getting an x-ray treatment or a MRI.

 The safe electromagnet wave penetrate the body tissue noninvasively and increase the solvency of the serum part ...

The scarcity of water in many countries is very clear and some wars actually started for water. The most water-poor areas in the world have long hours of sunshine and good solar energy resource. A good example is the MENA area (Medial East and North Africa) which have desert map and most cities are very near to the sea beaches where the humidity is very high.

If we campaign the foregoing information in our mind we will get two sources and one need, we have sun and humidity, and we need water to live.

Aqua-Solar cells may be one of the smart solutions. The idea behind is dehumidification of air using solar energy and Poltier effect. In the picture ...

Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children, and most occur in residential swimming pools. On average, 5,100 children are treated for submersion ijuries each year, and 383 pool related fatalities reported per year involving children younger than 15 years of age. 76% of reported fatalities were children younger than 5 years of age.

The majority of pool alarms offered in the maketplace are based on water displacement technology. This technology relies on the waves that result from a child falling into the pool reaching the alarm's trigger mechanism to sound an alarm. This approach results in a product that responds slowly and is prone to false alarm.

The AquaSonus Passive-Sonar System based on state-of-the-art digital signal ...

HOT parking lots, pavement and cars are very uncomfortable; and as this heat is reabsorbed, it radiates into warming the surroundings even more. Actually, there are very many parking lots, especially in the southern states, where heat is augmented because of this pavement radiation. Providing shade to these parking lots would make these unattractive spaces more humane.

Shaded areas would permit a considerably more comfortable use of these parking lots, plus it would mean:
1. Less HEAT would be RELEASED into the environment.
2. Less USE OF FUEL in air conditioning HOT cars.
3. Provide an ideal place to locate SOLAR PANELS, the energy collected and stored could be then used to illuminate the parking lots at night.

The invention refers to an asphaltic layer armed with PET filaments and fibers, in view of substituting the known asphaltic layers which cover roadways, bridges, terraces as well as all impermeable asphaltic mixtures. The method will take us to the important absorption of the highly polluting plastic waste and the obtainment of the bituminous layer with PET filaments and fibers, which confers to the asphaltic mixtures and increased elasticity, adherence and also an increased resistance to permanent deformation and small fissures, for all types of roadways and especially for heavy and very heavy traffic, thus increasing the safety of all those participating in traffic and thus reducing the number of accidents.

The technical problem which is resolved by this ...

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is recognized as one of the most challenging and debilitating diseases affecting children and is the most common neurological disorder seen in young adults. Although the mechanisms by which MS progressively results in neurodegenerative changes are evident these are not well understood. The latest medical break-throughs in understanding, treatment, and knowledge leading to a cure give suggestive evidence that neurodegeneration occurs early in the course of MS. Further, that a unique cell ('soldier cell') is involved and is thought to be responsible for prolonged periods of debilitation, sustained degenerative neurological disorders and accumulation of disability.

A new diagnostic tool, called, 'ORIE', the acronym representing 'Optical Remote Image Enhancement ' has been developed by the Respondent(s). The ...

I own a company designing and building stands for payment terminals, and my idea is a new product for use in the tablet PC, ereader and smartphone market. It will be the first product in a new vertical market. I will use the website, press releases, and social media to build buzz. Its name is the ATS-Tablet PC Stand.

When I first saw the iPad, I immediately began thinking of how I could build a stand that is versatile and is easy to use. As the iPad has many applications, I envisioned the stand to have many applications. I have a stand design that can be used with tablets and ereaders, but I have based it on the Apple ...

The Attitude Control and Aerodynamic Drag Sail (ACADS) is a gossamer structure intended to be deployed on a nanosatellite once the spacecraft is on orbit.

The sail is deployed using compressed nitrogen that inflate telescoping booms. Once deployed, the sail has a cross-sectional area of ten square meters.

A prototype sail has been constructed and deployed many times at various design reviews and conferences, proving the effectiveness and reliability of the deployment system.

In an orbit of 600 kilometers, a satellite with a mass of fifty kilograms and a volume of 50x50x50 centimeters would take about 25 years to deorbit. With the sail deployed, the satellite's deorbit time would be reduced to less than six months.

The sail is ...

Audio feature estimation involves measuring key characteristics from the audio. It is possible to estimate features using an auditory memory model. In order to do so, an onset detection is necessary to identify new audio components to insert into the auditory memory, and an algorithm is necessary to combine the characteristics of the current interval with the characteristics of the audio components in the auditory memory. The auditory memory model mimics the attention process, and the storing, retrieval and forgetting processes. The feature estimation using the auditory memory model has been applied to the estimation of sensory dissonance. The feature estimation using the memory model is an important step in the improvement of the accuracy of feature estimation. Furthermore, ...

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