A major problem for many people is getting good sleep. Poor sleep can occur in a home, a hotel or a hospital. Sleep is affected by light, sound, temperature, odor, bed support and sense of security. Another sleep related problem is that electrical control in bedrooms,

Erratic volume is a basic annoyance of television viewing. From commercials increasing in volume to loud scenes in movies, there are times when you need to dive for the volume control. There are several strategies of automatically reducing volume for sudden increases, however,

An intelligent building is a building that is able to monitor and control its own functionalities, according to the building structure, indoor and outdoor environment. The functionalities and their characteristics are directly related to building scope (the activities accomplished by the occupants), but usually are the same.

The smart home of the future has been just out of the consumer’s reach for decades. We constantly read stories about how our homes will turn down the temperature when we leave, turn on the lights when we enter,

Changing the fuel source for motor vehicles requires a comprehensive approach because of the already established infrastructure and supply of petroleum based fuels. In addition to the lack of infrastructure,

With recent explosions of hydrogen in Japanese nuclear plants there is a need for a device that will stop an explosion of hydrogen/oxygen in an enclosed system regardless of the magnitude of the explosion.

Helium is very expensive to use in a dirigible and even in a larger balloon or a non-rigged air ship. Some of us even after all this time since the Hindenburg crashed in flames, consider hydrogen as being dangerous. This is a false reason about not using hydrogen.

Today most all traditional structural floor, wall,

An electric-plasma thruster utilizing Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) technology has a potential application as a low-cost, high-efficiency thruster for Earth orbit maneuvering and interplanetary propulsive operations. The basic concept uses ion acceleration along with jet formation of the resulting plasma.

The microSNIFFER is a portable electronic monitoring device for detecting and reporting potentially hazardous materials.

The benefits of the microSNIFFER are as follows:
Local and remote monitoring; small size; long battery life; gas, liquid and solid monitoring functions; low-cost.

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