The Vacuum Tile Grid System is a multifunctional system designed to keep shop floors clean and safer by providing a solution to keep dust off shop floors.

This grid system has the flexibility of being incorporated into any manufacturing environment which utilizes machinery that generates fine dust or large shavings. The individual tiles are designed to be easily connected in a straight line that allows air to flow beneath the tiles into a standard shop vac as well as providing a constant stream of airflow to eliminate all dust that falls beneath the tiles.

The complete system is comprised of three components. The main component which is the vacuum tile is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). This material ...

This invention deals with an electronically controllable Variable Valve Lift System for internal combustion engines.

This system is a mechanical transmission having the capability of varying the lift of the intake and/or exhaust poppet valves while the engine is running and when varying its working conditions. Said variations being continuous and within wide limits.

The mechanical transmission includes (see Fig. 1) a regulator mechanism (RM), with two slotted holes (10), and an actuation mechanism composed by:
- a primary oscillating lever or finger follower (3), in contact with the cam (1) actuating the lift of the valve;
- a secondary oscillating lever or finger follower (4), directly acting on the poppet valve (6);
- a wedge-shaped slider device (5), ...

The Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR) was designed around the common aerospace Bootstrap reservoir used on aircraft. The VVR design is much simpler in design and cost effective. It was designed to target the industrial hydraulic machinery sector (mobile and stationary). The main purpose is to replace the common hydraulic reservoirs where most of the time is sized too large for the application. The common rule of thumb in the industrial market for reservoir size is 2-3 times the pump flow where the VVR volume is ONLY based on thermal fluid expansion and cylinder rod volume (if applicable). In some applications the 6,6litres (400 cu.in.) VVR could replace a 400-900+ litres reservoir. This represents significative fluid volume reduction, less fluid ...

Imagine you are driving on a freeway and encounter a car in front that’s rapidly changing lanes with bursts of acceleration….cars in side lanes and those behind are taken by surprise and finally there’s a crash on I-402

We created a “machine” entity, Vehicle Accident Prevention System (VAPS), an embedded cognitive system that gives a car an entity. The primary function is assessing driving attitute by keeping a watch on driver stability, mental and physical and observing driving patterns to arrive at a decision.

The system monitors the following parameters :
· Vehicle Acceleration/X-Y axis maneuvers to judge the driving pattern used in the decision making process. The pattern is monitored over a preset interval to flag it, if ...

This is the creation and transmission of electricity via wireless, through the use of diesel and petrol powered cars to power up communities and industries. A lot of alternative ways of creating electrical energy have been created and most of them cost of a lot of money to set up and install, but we are yet to see energy being created while recycling is taking place. Cars use up most of the world's energy on a daily basis and despite enjoying the ride and transportation solutions they provide we also need to convert the potential energy they have to useful energy. As we all know the oil industries will continue to operate for the coming years and we need ...

Wind energy systems won't be popularly accepted until they are economically competitive with conventional electrical generation. Current wind generated power costs about three times that generated with coal or natural gas.

Drawbacks to current wind turbines include:

High cost.
Little power generated in low wind.
Birds killed by rotors.
Disturbing noise from rotors and gears.
When controls malfunction, rotors run too fast, and fly apart.
Heavy gearboxes, in rotating nacelles, on high towers, make maintenance dangerous and expensive.

This system should be competitive with other forms of power generation. Components are simple, duplicated several times in each system, and can be mass produced at reasonable cost.

Carefully balanced, high tech rotor blades are unnecessary. Instead, disk shaped, lighter than ...

Video Adapter For Laryngoscope Saves Lives.

The Video Adapter converts a traditional laryngoscope into a sophisticated imaging tool for endotracheal intubation. It is designed primarily for Emergency, EMS, Anesthesiology and Critical Care markets and offers significant benefits by providing a consistently clear view of the patient’s larynx and vocal cords, facilitating quick intubation. The miniature video adapter elevates performance of the ubiquitous laryngoscopes to the level of stationary endoscopic imaging equipment of hospital operating rooms. Low cost of the Adapter paired with its excellent performance and multiuse capability facilitates access by this product to the markets of all countries of the world.

The Video Adapter consists of the two major components: miniature video probe and color monitor. The Probe ...

Concept: With the world population at 6.9 billion it is physically and financially impossible for everyone to visit the great wonders of the world. Many of these wonders are being preserved in National Parks in countries around the world. Some of these countries lack the resources to properly protect and maintain their National Parks.

By establishing a World Wide National Virtual Parks network of thousands of HD video WEB cameras feeds monitoring the great wonders of the world, access to these wonders could be available in real time to the billions of people in the world. Individual cameras maybe able to be reserved to be controlled by the individual users and others would be controlled by Park operators. A ...

Studies show that Vitamin D inadequacy has been reported in approximately 57% of general medicine inpatients and is at epidemic levels in worldwide populations. When converted to its biologically active form, Vitamin D serves multiple functions: activating immune defenses, regulating calcium and potassium, and promoting healthy bone growth to name a few. Vitamin D deficiency (Hypovitaminosis D) is the condition of having too little vitamin D in the body. It causes rickets, osteomalacia, exacerbates osteoporosis, and prevents children from developing peak bone mass.

Hypovitaminosis D results mainly from a lack of dietary Vitamin D sources and an insufficient exposure to sunlight, specifically exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Our invention, Lightstream, is designed to be a remarkably cheap, efficient, ...

The human voice has the ability to control or operate an alarm, a radio or a variety of other devices including toys. Keeping this in view an idea was conceived to develop a device that can understand the human voice and perform the desired operations. This device when developed can help the blind community a lot in performing their day to day activities with ease and comfort. With addition of Speech (voice response) functionality the same device can be used to understand few real time situations and act accordingly. This can also be adopted by the personnel who cannot use their hands.

The basic principle involved is that a Microphone receives the sound waves of certain amplitude that produce ...

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