This invention deals with an electronically controllable Variable Valve Lift System for internal combustion engines.

This system is a mechanical transmission having the capability of varying the lift of the intake and/or exhaust poppet valves while the engine is running and when varying its working conditions.

The Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR) was designed around the common aerospace Bootstrap reservoir used on aircraft. The VVR design is much simpler in design and cost effective. It was designed to target the industrial hydraulic machinery sector (mobile and stationary).

Imagine you are driving on a freeway and encounter a car in front that’s rapidly changing lanes with bursts of acceleration….cars in side lanes and those behind are taken by surprise and finally there’s a crash on I-402

We created a “machine” entity, Vehicle Accident Prevention System (VAPS),

This is the creation and transmission of electricity via wireless, through the use of diesel and petrol powered cars to power up communities and industries.

Wind energy systems won't be popularly accepted until they are economically competitive with conventional electrical generation. Current wind generated power costs about three times that generated with coal or natural gas.

Drawbacks to current wind turbines include:

High cost.
Little power generated in low wind.
Birds killed by rotors.

Video Adapter For Laryngoscope Saves Lives.

The Video Adapter converts a traditional laryngoscope into a sophisticated imaging tool for endotracheal intubation. It is designed primarily for Emergency, EMS,

Concept: With the world population at 6.9 billion it is physically and financially impossible for everyone to visit the great wonders of the world. Many of these wonders are being preserved in National Parks in countries around the world.

Studies show that Vitamin D inadequacy has been reported in approximately 57% of general medicine inpatients and is at epidemic levels in worldwide populations. When converted to its biologically active form, Vitamin D serves multiple functions: activating immune defenses, regulating calcium and potassium,

The human voice has the ability to control or operate an alarm, a radio or a variety of other devices including toys. Keeping this in view an idea was conceived to develop a device that can understand the human voice and perform the desired operations.

This concept addresses growing interest and demand for hydrogen for mobile applications and as a competitive source of energy for the combustion engine 1. While hydrogen may make an ideal fuel, it is rare in natural occurrence. Future production must come from other energy sources and face market efficiency.

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