A design of a special differential light amplifier has been designed to detect direct light and filter out the reflected light from the sky. The primary function is to orientate a solar collector to face the Sun, with AZIMUTHIAL tracking of 270 Deg and ALTITUDINAL 90 Deg .

A Disposable Pad For The Prevention And Treatment Of Decubitus


Socially and medically under the radar, the annual cost of treating decubitus, commonly known as “bedsores” or “pressure sores,” is estimated at eleven billion dollars in the US.

This invention is a photon-interactive Gaussian surface lens method that converts incident photons from a single or a plurality of wide band gap semiconductor class light emitting diode dies into a secondary emission of photons emanating from a composite photon transparent colloidal stationary suspension of quantum dots,

Is it possible to build a high power, portable and inexpensive x-ray machine?

Imagine a soldier falls and needs to be evacuated via helicopter to a base camp, or perhaps a horse falls during a race and presumably has a broken leg,

Primarily aimed at the domestic and SME market, Senical Ltd has designed a micro-generation unit with modular components allowing these components to be “swapped out” to maximize the usage of natural resources with minimum footprint.

A Design of a Special Light Differential amplifier [ First Photo], originally designed to Detect Direct Light and Filter Out the Reflected Light from the Sky [ the primary function of which was to Orientate a Solar Collector by Locating and Tracking the Sun”],

It can be applied to the entire range of acceleration voltages. The main characteristic of the new gun is that the control and stabilization of the welding current is obtained by connecting the controlling electrode to a positive potential with reference to the cathode.


Now a turbofan jet engine is produced with compressor fan blades which are rigidly fitted to a single row on the front flange of the fan shaft. The best turbofan engine today make of 40% potential energy stored in the fuel.

Sleep disorders are simultaneously among the most common diseases and the least diagnosed. Symptoms range from low energy, irritability, and concentration difficulties to sleep attacks, cardiac arrhythmias, and hallucinations. Considering the USA, more than 70 million people possibly have a sleep disorder,

A rotary wing rapidly deployable aerial wind turbine

This design is an inexpensive and rapidly deployable alternative to installation of wind turbines. Although wind energy is the least expensive of all the alternative energy sources,

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