The ElectraCopter is a single-seat ultralight electric helicopter. At 150 lbs empty with batteries, it will fit into the 254 lb limit USA ultralight category for unlicensed aircraft. It can be potentially used in other categories and in other countries, depending on regulations and design criteria.

A mockup prototype of helicopter and motor has been built to verify weight is within 6% of projected figures. (Photo)

• This design idea updates 60 year old technology through simplification of design and hence, reduction of parts (KISS). Due to the semi-rigid rotor design, it also greatly reduces the time required to learn to fly.

• The most unique benefits of this design is that its self-generated power (windmilling and ...

A.C.C.S.S (Access and Crime Control Security System)
Designed and outfitted for use with iPAD, iPhone and Android Tablets and phones for DOD, Homeland Security, large Goverment contractors, private corporations, local, state and federal law enforcement entities.

Utilizing ID Cards, Scanner, programming and applications with tight security protocols. This system will not be accessable to all. Only those set up for it with proper credentials that will be required.

This system will utilize all employee information as well as facility visitor application information to verify Identity. Also uses facial recognition. The advantages for Security and Law enforcement is that no longer will there be a need to set up behind a desk computer or to go back to your patrol ...

The ABC board is an educational communication aid for children or young adults who have communication difficulties or special needs. To use you simply place a letter, number, makaton symbol or icon tile on the ABC board within the raised grid and press the talk button. The ABC board will then say what you have put down. You can spell words that it will have stored in its memory or if it comes across a word it does not have it will speak it phonetically.

You would also be able to do maths, ie 1+2= ... and the ABC board would speak the sum and give you the answer.

Embedded inside each character tile is an inductance coil of ...

TRANSPORTING without ACCIDENTS or ENERGY for a few percent of today’s cost is not a structural, technological, or financial problem. Something that could have been crudely achieved without most in the late 1800’s in the ability to produce a 15’ dia. pipe which can smoothly accommodate the transition of vehicles and containers utilizing rails and electric motors. Without nearly all in the 1940’s. And in today’s abilities, not consuming but cleanly generating energy.

An event whose beginning, incremental, and increasing accomplishments will profitably occupy the idled work force and return that lost economy in an unprecedented efficiency of time, energy, and resources which allows them to lead in that global development of a 400% increased market size.

The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives all U.S. citizens the right to keep and bear arms. I have always grown up around firearms but always found it difficult to remember if I had the Safety on and I always found myself paranoid trying to make sure all the guns were turned to non-firing.

I have come up of an idea that could prevent any accidental shootings. Even though it won't STOP a gun from firing, it will tell the user that the gun is ready to fire and hopefully prevent the user from firing the gun.

This device would be simple in design. A small cube or rectangle with a small light. When the gun is put ...

Accu-Injection – Assisting in Daily Medical Injection Regimen

On a daily basis, millions of people self administer subcutaneous injections of medication. While this daily routine becomes automatic to the patient, injection site management is an important choice. Over time, repeated injection points may become sore or develop irreparable damage. An attempt to avoid same injection sites is made but requires accounting for previous and forecasting upcoming injection points.

Complications of repeated subcutaneous injections may range from patient discomfort, bleeding and sustained sensitivity to tissue damage. In extreme cases, repeated same-site injection results in the destruction of fatty tissue leading to disfigurement, called lipoatrophy. Routine injections are typically performed by relying upon memory or a log book to determine previous ...

Active RC Electronic Biquad/Universal Self Compensated Filters

2° order, 3 base-stages biquad/universal continuous time analog active filters type resonant and, more particulary, active full self-compensation techniques to improve the frequency range, the stability and/or the selectivity of the filters themselves with a very low, or as if zero, cost. These active filters techniques are the only ones that can (fully) erase the parasitic poles using a single resistor or an additional operational amplifier which has a functionally filtering output. This patent extends to Italy(priority ITMI20031566 A1).
Results of the sensitivity study are enclosed among the pictures.

The Patents are available on the following (esp@cenet database) page:


Every year, about 250,000 cases of torn knee anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) happen in the US alone, and they all need reconstructive surgery and a long recovery time. In the NFL, they account for one in six injuries. We only hear of such injuries about famous athletes like David Beckham or Tiger Woods, but female athletes have an even higher risk of ACL tears than men and kids. To my knowledge, this never made the news. It is a leading injury concern according to CDC statistics and often times is a career-ender. The proponent did a Quality Function Deployment (QFD) study, which unveiled important inherent opportunities to develop an active knee brace: the force that can cause ACL rupture ...

Composite materials are gaining widespread use in aerospace, automotive, wind energy and other industries because of their high strength-to-weight ratio. However, composite structures are highly prone to impact damage. Very often, the presence and extent of the damage is hidden from view, and it can grow without being noticed, eventually leading to catastrophic failure of the structure. The susceptibility of composites to damage from impacts has raised safety and reliability concerns for airplanes, automobiles, rockets, wind blades, etc. Failure to detect the impact damage can lead to loss of life, loss of mission, and/or damage to flight hardware, facilities, and ground support equipment. As such, it is important to monitor the integrity of structure.

Acellent has developed a method ...

I am presenting the Model CR1 “Active Subwoofer Crossover” which I designed as Director of Home Electronics R&D at JL AUDIO headquartered in Miramar, Florida. We are widely known for our high-end home audio subwoofer products and a full range of car and marine audio products.

The CR1 is intended for high-end audio applications in multichannel home theaters and stereo music systems that use one or more subwoofers to augment the low frequency reproduction. The electronic circuitry comprises a unique topography making digital control of precision analog filters possible without any digital zip or hash noises. That is one of the distinguishing factors of this product whereas other manufacturers have moved into cheaper digital audio processing to provide this ...

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