Dampened Oscillatory Gravitic Unit


During the course of researching alternative energy and propulsion systems I stumbled upon an ancient Dogu artifact and intuitively began decoding Quantum Electro Dynamic (QED) symbol components comprising an energy and propulsion system.

The doorbell light is a combination "smart" doorbell actuator and home entry light. It features a microcontroller-based touchless doorbell chime actuator that is triggered by breaking a modulated beam of Infrared energy with the touch of a finger.

From the viewpoint of the power to engine weight ratio, 2-stroke engines have at least 40% better performance than 4-stroke engines but they produce undesirable emission levels with poor lubricating management. Therefore, it will be the main challenge in the double acting ICE`s.

The rise of the diseases today has been attributed to unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle and habits such as smoking, high alcohol and carbonated drink consumption, and heavy consumption of junk food that are extremely high in cholesterol and sugar content.

In general lots of research is going on about drag reduction and improving the aerodynamic efficiency of flight vehicles, by adopting various methods. The aim of the research is to perform a detailed study on the effects of surface roughness on flow over an aerofoil in the trailing edge.

Ancillary loads in vehicles are necessary for passengers and to regulates vehicular operations. They are independent of vehicle speeds but show-up as a constant power usage to perform duties. For instance,

Driver alerting device

The problem

Many car accidents are caused by driver sleepiness, victimizing the conductor, passengers, people in near distance vehicles and pedestrians. The use of stimulating beverages and drugs makes things worse, as it creates an impression of overcoming fatigue.

This is a model of a driver side panel for Indian trucks which has been done on CATIA to meet Indian truck needs of cabin variants.

Drone Swarm Defense System.

• What problem does your design idea solve?

Countering extremely high speed, potentially explosive projectiles that are trying to blow up very expensive ships.

• What are the potential benefits?
Functioning defense, relatively inexpensive compared to what it is protecting. Easy to replace,

Current dry earplugs for water activities (swimming etc.) create a .45lb psi pressure differential between the earplug and the ear drum for every 1' they are submerged below the surface, At 10' underwater there is nearly a 5lb psi pressure problem, seeking to rupture the tympanic membrane.

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