Imagine that a light goes along with you, and that is always on the place where you really need it. This principle not only reduces power consumption, but also gives the impression of interactivity. Moreover, during the night, lighting fixtures provides accent decorative illumination just like a runway but in green. All major parameters are remotely adjustable, according to user needs. The entire installation is controlled by a central module that decides when the lighting is necessary. During the day, when there is sufficient ambient illumination, the fixtures are disconnected from the electrical supply and total consumption of the system is negligible (less than 1.5 W for whole installation).

The goal: Reduce electrical consumption and bring new experience


Each day millions of cars, motorcycles, trucks, aircraft and other forms of transportation emit brake dust and wear debris into the atmosphere from friction material as brakes are applied to slow and stop vehicles. I am commercializing a new green technology that has not been addressed previously. The Clean Brake Performance Module or CBPModule is the world’s first practical disc brake wear debris collection system which leads to improved braking performance and a cleaner global environment.

The general public is unaware that some constituents of wear debris (brake dust) are damaging to the environment, terminating in nearby bodies of water eventually affecting the diversity of ecosystems. Collecting the debris at the source in the CBPModule* does not interfere in ...

Vehicles lightening is a common goal to all car manufacturers, with the aim to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions. It is not always easy, however, to reconcile the use of light alloys and conventional forming or casting technologies with the need to manufacture structural or engine components, with thin walls, complex shapes and adequate mechanical properties.

High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) of Al alloys, which could be a viable technical and economical way to achieve the expected goals, is generally affected by the difficulty to obtain castings with the required soundness (and thus heat treatable) and, in addition, by the impossibility to achieve hollow sections or to produce parts with undercuts.

Ceramic cores and ...




In this ever dynamic world filled with fancy gadgets and e-savvy people, the current scenario sees a huge spending capacity of people in India. Due to huge geographical area of our country, people travel across the nation for various personal and professional reasons. Communication being a necessity, we tend to carry mobile phones with us. Most of us carry more than one mobile phone while travelling for various reasons; one among it is the mobile phones’ batteries get drained off while travelling. People travelling by roads and rail face a problem to charge their hand held mobile phones. Some of these public transport ...

Relative motion between a metal conductor and magnetic field generates voltage. This is a well known fact. Also,a magnet moving in relative motion with a coil can induce a current in the coil.

Harnessing this voltage/current to recharge the battery or to power the electrical accessories or in case of a hybrid/electric vehicle can boost the distance traveled.

There are two places in a typical automobile where we have constant movement: first, rotation of tires/wheels and second, steering wheel movement by the driver.

The proposed design will have evenly distributed small size permanent magnets on the periphery of the steering wheel facing the dashboard. On the dashboard,we can have multiple coils located strategically in such a way ...

The system Suction or aspiration of fluids or secretions Bodily is used in a large number of surgeries worldwide, this system allows fluids collect in a container (Liner) safely and without risk of contamination, there are currently Different Products as rigid disposable Canister disposable suction liners, which have a good performance and in functionality are effective, unfortunately a large number of hospitals and clinics in the world do not use because the cost, as it is more economical to use a solid container which must be washed after each procedure, which increases the risk of contamination and infection and the possibility of damaging the vacuum system of the place, and does not allow good management of hazardous waste (blood, ...

The Problem:
The world is facing a global cancer crisis. 13.7 million new cancer cases and 8.6 million cancer deaths occurred worldwide in 2011. More than half of the new cases, and nearly two-thirds of deaths, were in developing countries. Despite substantial innovations, there remains a lack of treatment methods that are cost-effective enough to be widely and practically implemented in these countries.

The existing methods for administration of these drugs have been primarily through intravenous delivery via a complex and costly pole-based infusion pump setup. These setups are needed to administer complex drug schedules and as a result, infusion pumps have prevented treatment for early-stage cancers from becoming widely accessible.

The Product:
We have a solution. Four Harvard ...

The child security band and app offers parents of children a simple way to monitor their child's location without having them have to carry a mobile phone. The band provides parents a measure of security as the band is discrete, looks like a fun accessory to wear, and doesnt look like a monitoring device.

Parents need the security to quickly and effectively locate their children, in the event that their child is lost in a mall, a playground, or wherever the need may arise. Using a simple electronic band and a smartphone app, parents within seconds locate the child.

Nothing quite as simple exists on the market today. Nothing looks as fun, nothing as simple and as convenient.

As ...

Description: Read@Night® Children’s Book Light

Read@Night is a special Children’s Book Light (patent) that was founded by a dream of loving to read at night. The dream was to design a special children’s book light that is fun, innovative and unique that will promote the joy of reading. This book light will be enjoyed by children and adults alike who enjoy the love of reading at night. The book light has a special animated character such as an animal, human, hero or fantasy object that would inspire reading plus promote reading. You clip the book light to the back of the book then you extend the neck from the body of the character….the neck is moveable and flexible. The ...

Currently one of the greatest problems in big cities, particularly in Mexico City, is mobility. The overuse of automobiles is creating traffic and pollution issues. Public transportation has significantly improved but it is still insufficient to fulfill the transportation demand. This prototype represents a clear advantage not only on adapting to new ways of transportation, but as a complement on government’s support on programs and infrastructure on the use of bicycles and other cleaner ways of transportation.

In order to make a bicycle a useful daily form of transportation, there are several requirements that need to be fulfilled to make the trip practical and comfortable. This prototype has an electronic board that transmits energy generated by dynamos and a ...

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